College Football Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

College Football Trivia

College Football Trivia: Test Your KnowledgeTest Your Knowledge of the Gridiron

  1. Who was the first Associated Press national champion in 1936?
  2. Which of the service academies have won the national championship?
  3. Who was the first BCS Champion?
  4. Who is known as the “Father of American Football” ?
  5. From what yard-line are two point conversions attempted?
  6. What was the first bowl game and in what year was it held?
  7. What was notable about Yale’s undefeated season in 1888?
  8. Who has the most undefeated seasons?
  9. Match the school to the mascot:
  10. a) Air Force 1) Owls
  11. b) Ball State 2) Huskies
  12. c) Kansas University 3) Commodores
  13. d) Florida International 4) Golden Eagles
  14. e) Michigan State 5) Jayhawks
  15. f) University of Washington 6) Spartans
  16. g) Purdue 7) Cardinals
  17. h) Southern Miss 8) Golden Panthers
  18. i) Temple 9) Falcons
  19. j) Vanderbilt 10) Boilermakers
  20. When was instant replay first introduced to college football?
  21. What rivalry, played in the last week of the season, began in 1890?
  22. When is the Nebraska-Colorado game played?
  23. What did the Rose Bowl do in 2002?
  24. Due to security concerns where was the Rose Bowl temporarily moved to in 1942?
  25. What game was the predecessor to the Orange Bowl?
  26. What famous collegiate broadcaster is known for the phrase “Whoa Nellie”?
  27. What is Gerard Phelan best known for in his football career?
  28. Where is the College Football Hall of Fame?
  29. Who has the most players in the Hall of Fame?
  30. What do these states have in common? Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida
  31. President Roosevelt threatened to do what in 1906?
  32. Who was the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy?
  33. Who is the model for the Heisman Trophy?
  34. How many Heisman winners have entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
  35. Match the player to the team:
  36. a) Mike Rozier 1) Navy
  37. b) Warren Moon 2) Florida
  38. c) Warren Sapp 3) Notre Dame
  39. d) Roger Staubach 4) Yankton College
  40. e) Earl Campbell 5) Notre Dame
  41. f) Steve Spurrier 6) Tennessee
  42. g) Paul Hornung 7) Miami, FL
  43. h) Peyton Manning 8) Texas
  44. i) Lyle Alzado 9) Nebraska
  45. j) Joe Montana 10) Washington
  46. What positions are eligible to receive the Lombardi Award?
  47. John Outland, whom the Outland Trophy for best interior lineman is name after, played at what schools?
  48. What do Archie Griffin and O.J. Simpson have in common?
  49. Minnesota
  50. Army
  51. Tennessee
  52. Walter Camp
  53. The 3 yard line
  54. Rose Bowl, 1902
  55. No one scored on them
  56. Yale
  57. a-9, b-7, c-5, d-8, e-6, f-2, g-10, h-4, i-1, j-3
  58. 1963
  59. Army-Navy
  60. On the day after Thanksgiving
  61. Accepted sponsorship
  62. Duke University
  63. The Palm Festival Game
  64. Keith Jackson
  65. Catching the “Hail Flutie” pass
  66. South Bend, Indiana
  67. Notre Dame
  68. All host bowl games
  69. Ban college football due to its increasing violence
  70. Ernie Davis
  71. Ed Smith
  72. 8
  73. a-9, b-10, c-7, d-1, e-8, f-2, g-3 or 5, h-6, i-4, j-3 or 5
  74. Defensive Lineman or Linebacker
  75. University of Kansas and University of Pennsylvania
  76. They both won the Walter Camp Award twice.
NHL 11 - PS3 | Xbox 360 - Ultimate Hockey League developer blog official  video game trailer HD - YouTube

EA Sports NHL 11 Preview for the Xbox 360

NHL 11 - PS3 | Xbox 360 - Ultimate Hockey League developer blog official  video game trailer HD - YouTubeEA Sports loves churning out sports title on a consistent yearly basis. Usually these sports titles become nothing more than glorified upgrades that cost as much as a new game.

NHL 11 follows in that fine tradition, but does add a new game mode, Ultimate Team EA Sports Hockey League for multiplayer. At first glance I was very skeptical about this mode of game play, and before I figured out the controls and menu systems I was almost ready to declare NHL 11 a disaster; and then everything clicked and I was out on the ice playing goalie in the NHL 11 demo out this week.

The more I played of this new mode the more I was sucked into its time wasting vortex of addicting game play. Combined with friends we might have created a time space wormhole, because five hours of our day mysteriously disappeared.

From the time spent playing this mode, I’m sure it will be a popular bonus to the already fantastic game play us hardcore hockey fans have come to expect from the NHL franchise.

Outside of the new Ultimate Team mode, everything from NHL 10 is included, which makes NHL 11 really feel like a nice update or an add-on pack. From playing goalie in the Ultimate Team mode the game play and physics felt exactly the same from NHL 10.

The real differences in this year’s updates are felt playing on the ice. Players are more realistic in motion and momentum, something sorely missing from previous NHL titles. No longer can you just stand next to a guy move two feet and plant him on his backside. You’ll need the proper momentum this year or you’ll just bounce off him or harmlessly bump into him.

The shooting, passing and puke handling all felt a lot cleaner and more intuitive than last years title, but the controls seemed a bit different, took me a few games to readjust from NHL 10. The new broken stick feature is pretty neat, not overly used it felt very natural.

I hope EA has fixed their servers this year, last year’s NHL 10 servers and really every year the EA Sports NHL franchise has had online team play, the servers have been a mess with phantom drops, random disconnects and funky restarts.

If the server issues have been cleared up, it looks like NHL 11 from EA Sports will have another award winning season, especially with the added multiplayer mode. I definitely recommend buying EA Sports NHL 11 for fans of hockey or of the EA Sports NHL franchise; you’ll get your money’s worth.…

10 Best Sports Movies based on True Stories that you can watch on Netflix,  Amazon Prime and Hotstar Premium | GQ India

Top Five Sports Movies Which Are About More Than Just Sports

10 Best Sports Movies based on True Stories that you can watch on Netflix,  Amazon Prime and Hotstar Premium | GQ IndiaTrying to choose a list of “Top Five Sports Movies” is actually a rather difficult endeavor. Given the inherent nature for drama, along with natural pro- and antagonists, sports make for excellent storylines and, as such, there are a plethora of quality sport movies available.

Everyone’s list is going to be based on different criteria. Some people will choose movies which have a certain artistic merit. The Wrestler was a critically-acclaimed movie which would fall into this category, whereas Happy Gilmore would not. This is not to say that one movie is necessarily better than the other. They just aimed to accomplish different goals and this would place them on different lists.

Some people’s lists will mostly contain comedy, others intense drama. When faced with a broad topic as diverse as “sports,” there is a wide range of possible ways at looking at the top films.

This particular list of top five sports movies is centered around some of the usual suspects (Hoosiers, Rudy, Field of Dreams…), but the criteria involves sports movies which are about more than just the sports. These movies have conflict and obstacles, passion and growth. Of course, the viewer wants the protagonist(s) to win, but there is something inherently deeper going on with the characters.

  1. The Sandlot (1993)

This movie could be debated as an actual sports movie, but the plot to bring the characters together centers around baseball. The boys from The Sandlot may love many things, but nothing more than they do baseball. Smalls, the main character, goes through a virtual transformation from the shy, awkward kid who can’t even catch a baseball to a valued member of the team and close friend to the other boys. His ability to overcome fear and shyness is a great role model for millions of children who are insecure and reluctant.

The Sandlot is simply a great family film. There is not a lot of unobjectionable content in the movie, although the boys do try chewing tobacco. Of course, the tobacco experiment is a horrible experience for them and they learn their lesson. Beyond that, though, the movie is perfectly acceptable to watch with children, who will learn a lot from the adventures of the boys.

  1. Rudy (1993)

Rudy is the consummate tale of an underdog who will stop at nothing to achieve his dream. In spite of a lack of size usually needed to play college football, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettinger has always wanted to play football for Notre Dame. After high school, Rudy finds himself working in a steel mill. While there, an explosion kills his best friend. As a result of this tragedy, Rudy realizes life is finite and it is not an option for him not to pursue his dream.

Rudy is faced with tremendous obstacles, but never stops in the face of difficulty. His drive leads to an impressive work ethic and true tenacity. As with The Sandlot, there is hardly any objectionable content and children can learn a lot from Rudy’s story. They will see the value of pursuing a dream and learn that, in the end, all the hard work can be worth it to accomplish a valued goal.

  1. Eight Men Out (1988)

Unlike the other movies on this list, Eight Men Out is not necessarily an uplifting, the-good-guys-win kind of film. What it is, though, is a gritty, true life account of the infamous “Black Sox” scandal from 1919. The Chicago White Sox were touted as the best team in baseball and clear cut favorites to win the World Series. They might have gone on to easily do so, but a criminal element entered the picture and managed to corrupt the team, creating a tremendous scandal.

Whereas the first two movies were chosen because of uplifting messages, this one was selected on account of its tremendous portrayal of human nature. Each member of the Chicago White Sox has his own respective Achilles’ heal with regard to being paid off by professional gamblers to rig the World Series. Eight Men Out shows the difficult situations in which some of the ball players were put by the criminals, and displays the darker nature of those who reside in a life of crime. The viewer can see the conflict by the ball players who want to win (the very reason games are played in the first place), but are either tempted by dollars or threatened with harm to loved ones. This movie has incredible drama and remains true to the period in which it takes place.

  1. Hoosiers (1986)

Hoosiers is the timeless tale of a small town basketball team making it to the big time and playing in the state championship game. Perhaps it is a tad cliché, but this is a David versus Goliath story, much like Rudy.

Beyond the actual basketball story, this movie centers on the redemption of a once-disgraced coach, Norman Dale. This small town basketball team becomes his chance to put his past behind him and advance with his life. In addition to redemption, Norman Dale is faced with the seemingly-impossible task of winning his team over and gaining the trust of the town’s basketball superstar, Jimmy Chitwood.

  1. Field of Dreams (1989)

Field of Dreams is a baseball movie, but that doesn’t say nearly enough. Ray Kinsella, the main character, is a conflicted man. He fears becoming his father and isn’t sure about his life. One day he hears a voice coming from the cornfield. It provides one of the most classic and frequently quoted movie lines of all time – “If you build it, he will come.” From there, the movie goes on a simply amazing journey.

This movie is at the top of this list because the main character has so much internal conflict, but also because he becomes passionate about trying to figure out the meaning of the voices and where it all leads. Ray is a man driven by a mission, even if he’s not entirely sure what …

Athletic Training Info Session | Northwestern College in Iowa

Sports Training Info

Athletic Training Info Session | Northwestern College in IowaSports training info is very important to many professionals who are involved in athletic training to some degree. Many fitness centers have personal fitness trainers that work with athletes specifically to increase their strength and endurance for the sport that they play. Some fitness centers have the expert staff to train athletes, but find it hard to get the athletes into their facility.

This is where good marketing strategies come into play. If you don’t have the right kind of sports training info, you can lose potential clients to other facilities and trainers who know how to market their services more effectively. It is simply not enough to have professional trainers waiting in the wings for clients, because the clients won’t come if they don’t know about your services.


Learn Sports Training Info and Build Your Business

You hear all the time about famous athletes who get personal training in order to keep in top physical shape. It most certainly can be lucrative to train athletes and keep them conditioned for their sport of choice. But it can be challenging to get their business if you don’t have the proper sports training info that will highlight your business and draw in clients.

It is simply not enough to just know how to train someone and get them into top physical shape. With the abundance of personal trainers and fitness centers across the country, the competition is very stiff. You must find ways to improve upon your services and your marketing strategies in order to showcase your sports training business and draw attention attention to yourself. Once you know how to do this, you will have one foot in the door. The rest is up to you.…

Basketball Team Sports Lanyard Detachable with Clip - ID / Badge Holder ~  NEW | eBay

Sports Lanyards

Basketball Team Sports Lanyard Detachable with Clip - ID / Badge Holder ~  NEW | eBay

No game would be complete without a coach or referee blowing a whistle attached to her lanyard. Sports lanyards come in many different colors and lengths and are used for more than just whistles. They are great items to promote team and school spirit when imprinted with your school’s name, team name, or school colors.

Using Lanyards for Fundraisers

Sports lanyards make great fundraisers for groups, too. Customize them with your organization’s identity and colors and make a statement of pride for your team. Fans, parents, fellow students, and the community at large will be proud to wear them, so it is an easy sale. You can have a custom message printed or woven into them to promote your organization, too.

Kids like to wear them to hold keys on convenient hooks or split rings attached to the lanyards. Of course, you can also use them for press credentials, security badges, or badge wallets. Retractable lanyards can also be customized with your logo–that way, the wearers don’t have to remove the lanyards from around their necks when they need to use whatever is attached to them.

In addition to unlimited team colors, you can also find sports lanyards imprinted with sports designs. Go with a basketball motif, football theme, or tennis pattern and catch people’s attention. They’ll wonder where you got your unique lanyards, and will want to buy some for themselves.…

Takedown gun - Wikipedia

Takedown Rifles

Takedown gun - WikipediaFor generations, TAKEDOWN rifles were almost exclusively limited to those weapons that could be disassembled simply as a result of performance-related design features. In other words, few manufacturers were designing rifles with the specific goal of easy disassembly and reassembly in mind. Of course, in recent years, on-the-go recreational shooters have quickly come to enjoy the luxury of rifles specifically designed to meet this criterion.

Fortunately, in the last few years, those rifles offering the easiest takedown and those rifles offering the best performance have become one and the same. Thanks to a dedicated and innovative group of firearms manufacturers, savvy shooters can now find weapons that truly combine the best of both worlds. That means world-record performance, world-class accuracy, and the ability to take down the rifle in seconds, without any tools at all.

Reliable TAKEDOWN Rifles

Of course, performance and ease of TAKEDOWN rifles would be worth little if they could not be relied upon, time after time. Happily, the best manufacturers in the business use cutting-edge technology such as wire and CNC machining to ensure complete consistency. And of course, because serious manufacturers stake their reputation on every weapon they release, you should only consider firearms backed by lifetime warranties.

Now that TAKEDOWN rifles that boast extraordinary firepower and performance are so close at hand, there is no need to wait any longer. I invite you to carefully explore your options. And then I urge you to make a confident decision that will meet all of your needs.…

China Optics 4X28e W/20mm Weave Rail Illuminated Spotting Rifle Scope -  China Scope and Rifle Scope price

Spotting Rifle Scopes

China Optics 4X28e W/20mm Weave Rail Illuminated Spotting Rifle Scope -  China Scope and Rifle Scope price

Spotting rifle scopes are a useful part of any outdoorsman’s gear. With their magnification power, objects that would ordinarily be indiscernible are revealed with excellent clarity, even over long distances. These scopes can be handheld or mounted on a tripod or rifle for accurate viewing during sport or observation.

Spotting Rifle Scopes Provide an Advantage

These scopes allow the hunter the best possible chance of seeing the prey and getting in a good shot. Bird watchers and amateur astronomers can benefit from the clarity of ED (extra low dispersion) glass, which corrects color and provides sharp clarity for long-distance viewing. Some models have zoom capability which allows you to change magnification without changing lenses.

Coatings give greater contrast between objects for a sharper image. Tripods help steady larger scopes when doing stationary viewing, while some spotting rifle scopes are designed to be more portable. Some can be attached to a camera to act as a telephoto lens which gives greater magnification than standard lenses. When viewing and photographing birds, for instance, these scopes are a versatile tool that make the job easier.

The advantages of having spotting rifle scopes when out in the field are obvious. They give the outdoorsman a better idea of what is out there, and increases his or her chances of having a successful trip. They give the best possible view when observing birds and nature, or while star gazing. They are useful for many purposes, and are an indispensable part of an adventurer’s gear.…

The Best Sports & Performances Cars Of The 2010s

The Top Ten Sports Cars of the Decade

The Best Sports & Performances Cars Of The 2010sEveryone admires sports cars as they speed by but which ten sports cars make the cut for best of the decade? Read on to find out.

1- Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spider – With such a sweet ride, this car easily makes the cut for best sports cars. The Spider has a 10 cylinder engine that gives you unimaginable power. Think about what that could do for your commute.

2- Lexus LFA – This car makes other cars jealous, with its sharp, sporty lines. While it has a bit of a price tag, true sports car fans don’t let that stop them.

3- Lamborghini LP 570-4 Superlegga – With a top speed of 325 mph, the Superlegga screams look at me. The Superlegga makes driving sheer pleasure.

4- Saturn Sky – This sports car is no longer produced but I believe it is one of the coolest cars this decade. While it can’t rival a Ferrari, this car is just a great sports car all around.

5- Ferrari 599 GTB – This car not only looks good, it handles like a dream also. It has a V-12 Engine that gives speeds up to 330MPH. That’s fast!

6- Chevy Corvette – A car that will endure throughout the decades as a true American sports car. With many different models, this car ranges from moderately affordable to pricy. This car gives a great driving experience every time.

7- Ford Mustang – This car struts its stuff all the time. While some people may disagree that this is a sports car, it makes the cut in my book for not only being a powerful ride, but it gives instant status to those driving it. It is moderately priced so it can fit into most people’s budgets and it also gives the added value of good gas mileage.

8- Mazda RX-8 Sport – The RX-8 Sport makes the list because this a sports car that holds more people while still looking sharp. It is a moderately priced car that makes driving a pleasure.

9- INFINITI G COUPE 37 – The Infiniti G Coupe 37 makes everyone stare. It is a moderately priced car that gives a good value and has a cool image.

10- NISSAN 370Z COUPE Base – This car can take on any challenge with its sleek lines and great performance. Drive it once and you’ll be hooked forever!

These are the sports cars on my top ten list, which sports cars are on yours?…

Top 10 sports songs to get a stadium, arena hyped | Stadium, Soccer fans,  Songs

My Top 10 Sports Songs

Top 10 sports songs to get a stadium, arena hyped | Stadium, Soccer fans,  SongsA sporting event would not be the same without the heart pounding music to pump everyone up. Some songs were made to be played a various events while others just seem to find a home on the playing field. As long as music continues to be written and sports continue to be played there will always be a happy paring between the two. Here is a list of my top 10 sports songs. I hope that you enjoy it.

Another one Bites the Dust by Queen: Here is the perfect song to play when you just won the game. Sure you already beat your opponent and now you have a celebratory song to remind them over and over.

We are the Champions by Queen: Yes another song by Queen. These guys may not have intended to write songs for sporting events, but they sure did one heck of a job.

We Will Rock You by Queen: This is by far the best Queen song played at sporting events. It doesn’t matter what type of sport it’s played at it always gets the job done.

Remember the Name by Fort Minor: I think that this song was on one of the previews for the television show Friday Night Lights. It is amazing, because it makes so much sense and is pretty motivational for sports. I have never heard it at an actual event, but when I think sport’s songs I think Remember the Name.

Lose Yourself by Eminem: I’m not really an Eminem fan on any level, but this song is pretty motivational for sports. It is the kind of song you listen to in the off season to keep you motivated when things get tough. While not your traditional sports song it definitely has a place on this list.

We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister: Here is another oldie, but in my opinion a goodie. This song wasn’t written for sporting events, however it will always have a home on the playing field.

Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 4000: This song is so cool and perfect for a sports song. It really doesn’t have any words, but will pump you up. I love it!

Get Ready for This by 2 Unlimited: I have heard this song at many games and on many sports movies. If this song isn’t sports worthy then I don’t know what is.

YMCA by The Village People: Now I’m not sure why, but this song has worked its way into the sports song line up. No matter where I am when I hear it I feel like I am at a game of some sort.

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex: I would imagine this song gained popularity as a sports song because of its inclusion on the Jock Jams 3 cd. In my opinion it has all the qualities of a good sports song so I have included it.

If you are looking for one of these great sports songs or many others then I would suggest listening to one of the Jock Jams or Jock Rock cds. They are packed full of loads of great music and I highly recommend them. You can also find some great music on or on Youtube.…

10 Best Pump-Up Songs for Sports

The Top 10 Sports Songs

10 Best Pump-Up Songs for SportsMusic and sports have long gone hand in hand. From stadium anthems to pump up the crowd to sing-alongs belted out with one’s friends upon a victory, music is perfect accompaniment for some of our fondest sports memories.

Here are the top 10 sports songs of all time:

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

If Queen didn’t write this song especially for raucous crowds to chant along to, it inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect way to pump up the home crowd and get into the minds of the opposing team, with it’s stomping, clamping, wall shaking chant-along. This may go down as the top sports song of all time, but it definitely warrants inclusion on any top 10 sports songs list.

“Sirius/Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project

Unique to the Chicago Bulls home basketball games for years, the arpeggiated, analogue synth pattern that opened “Sirius” when the lights went totally dark, save for a single spotlight, at the old Chicago Stadium and the current United Center literally sent chills down Bulls fans’ spines during Bulls player introductions, and it didn’t hurt that a certain number 23 was the last player announced. Without a doubt, this was the most awe-inspiring player introduction spectacle in sports, and a sight not to be missed by any sports fan during the Bulls’ six championships in the 1990s.

“Rock and Roll, Pt. 2” by Gary Glitter

Written and performed by glam rock artist Gary Glitter long before he got busted for soliciting children in the Far East, which put a temporary tarnish on this shining stadium anthem before it made a resurgence (we are a forgiving bunch of sports fans, after all), the somewhat odd, avant-garde song, with it’s chant of “Hey!” is perfect for an NBA time-out when the home team has made an incredible come-back or gone on a surge to show the opposing team who’s boss. This song elevates the crowd to a fever pitch before the action resumes on the court.

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

You have to give Freddy Mercury credit: the guy could write great songs for sporting events. With it’s throbbing baseline and understated yet cool chorus, this top 10 sports song allows the home crowd to bask in the glow of yet another, not unexpected victory.

“YMCA” by The Village People

This ubiquitous song works in almost any situation where the fans need to get on their feet, stretch, and do a collective dance while spelling out letters with their arms. Whether the home team is winning or losing, this is a safe, fun, and fan-friendly tune for almost any sport, making it one of the top 10 sports songs.

“Song 2” by Blur

With its goofy yet very catchy chorus refrain of “Woohoo!” on top of rocking guitars, this short ditty from the UK group Blur is perfect for pumping up the crowd before the opening kick-off or jump ball. Plus, it’s easy for the kids in the stands to learn. The verses are largely unintelligible, but it just doesn’t matter with a chorus like that!

“Centerfield” by John Fogerty

Played in minor league baseball stadiums around the U.S. for decades, this song, written and performed by the former vocalist of Credence Clearwater Revival, captures the essence of America’s pastime and bridges the generation gap between parents from the hippie era and Little Leaguers hitting the diamond for the first game of the season. Within the rock-country groove, Fogerty also offers a nice nod to some of the game’s greats, like Say Hey Willie, Ty Cobb, and Joe DiMaggio.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Offering one of the most energizing, memorable guitar riffs in music history, not just in sports, this classic from the movie Rocky 3 is fitting for many sports, not just boxing. Providing an instant adrenaline rush for any sports fan or athlete, this song gears the crowd up for the ultimate competitive showdown, making it an easy choice for this top 10 sports songs list.

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” by Jack Norworth

While many sports fans don’t realize they are only singing the chorus to this century-old favorite for baseball’s seventh inning stretch, this enduring tune brings generations and stadiums together, no matter for which team the fans are rooting. If baseball were to have an official song, this is the obvious choice, and due to its taking the crown for the oldest song sung at a sporting event, it demands placement on the list of top 10 sports songs.

“We are the Champions” by Queen

Achieving the trifecta (or is it scoring the hat trick?), Queen crafted the most emotionally touching victory song of all time. After a long season and many hard-fought victories to take the crown, both fans and athletes alike can exude relief at being able to finally rest after reaching the pinnacle of sports: a world championship. Perfect for any team sport champion, whether in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball, this beautiful sing-along is a must for any top 10 sports songs compilation.