Women in Motorsport Are Dominating 2021 - A Girls Guide to Cars

Women in Auto Racing: Who to Watch on the Open-wheel Circuits

Women in Motorsport Are Dominating 2021 - A Girls Guide to Cars


When someone uses the term “open-wheel” in the world of auto racing, they could be discussing more than just the IndyCar or Formula 1 Series. Other open-wheel series include the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series (open-wheel stock cars), the United States Auto Club (USAC) Sprint and Midget Series, and the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. These three women are making names for themselves in these series, and aiming for the “big leagues.”

Alison Macleod – the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada native is a USAC standout. Born June 29, 1989, Macleod got her start in go-karts at age seven; by 2004, she had nine karting championships in Ontario and New York State to her credit, and caught the attention of Ford Racing. She graduated to the USAC midget ranks in 2005, as part of Ford’s Driver Development Program, teamed with car builder Bob East of B.East Chassis. She is currently the winningest female driver in USAC history, racing in the Regional Midget Division; in 2009, she placed second in season ending points. Macleod recently signed a two-year agreement with Venturini Motorsports in the ARCA Series, making her a teammate to her close friend, Alli Owens. Macleod hopes to attempt six or seven ARCA races this season.

Becca Anderson – Anderson is not only an accomplished racer, but an accomplished athlete overall. In junior high and high school, she played field hockey, basketball, and softball, and was going to attend college on a sports scholarship until the college told her racing was out of the question. She decided to continue racing and attend community college, earning an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Racing since age 11, the Delaware native has raced micros, 358, 360, and 410 Sprints, and in 2006 raced in the World of Outlaws Series for Woodring Racing. Anderson has been a part of Lyn St. James’ Women in the Winner’s Circle Programs and St. James’ Driver Development Program.

Renee Dupuis – Dupuis began racing in quarter-midgets at four years of age; by age 15, she moved into Pro Four Modifieds. In 1996, she started competing in the NASCAR Modified Series at the now-defunct Riverside Park Speedway in Massachusetts, winning Rookie of the Year that year and becoming the first and only woman to win a NASCAR Modified event in the track’s history. Today, Dupuis races on the NASCAR Whelens Modified Tour, the first female driver to record top ten finishes and front row starting positions in the series. Dupuis is a member of St. James’ Automotive Team and a graduate of the Driver Development Program.

sources: alisonmacleodracing.com
Dean Mcnulty, “Canuck Alison Macleod signs a deal to drive in ARCA Series,” torontosun.com
“All About Becca,” becca-anderson.com
“Meet Renee,” reneedupuis.com…

13 Classic Baseball Videogames You Should Be Playing - Paste

Great Baseball Video Games

13 Classic Baseball Videogames You Should Be Playing - Paste

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (SNES)

The best baseball game ever invented. The games were short enough to where it didn’t seem like a chore, yet it had all the small things that make baseball great, including well designed ballparks and outfielders running into walls. The players were designed nicely in a cartoonist manner, and almost like caricatures they contained all the stereotypical characteristics of many baseball players during this era. The only real name given to a player in the game was Ken Griffey Jr. himself. Despite this it is pretty clear that the players were designed after their real life counterparts but given fake names because of licensing issues. This does not take away from the fun factor of the game, and for some it can actually add to it. The home runs are launched, and the robbed home runs are a thrill to control. The only con of the game is that playing small ball is near impossible. The defensive players travel almost ten times the speed of the base runners, so they can just run them down in a steal or bunt situation. After technical advancements in all sports games, many may label this game unrealistic, but for what it was, it was an absolute blast to play and to this day can rival any current generation baseball game.

MVP Baseball 2005 (XBOX/PS2)

Was MVP 05 the last good console baseball game? This is a debate amongst many in the baseball gaming world, and especially fans of the Microsoft Xbox consoles who witnessed EA Sports lose its right to produce MLB licensed video games, in addition to the fact that they are unable to play “MLB the show” which is an exclusive Sony title. MVP had it all. The ballparks were great, they had the MLBPA license which allowed not only real rosters, but they had a free agent pool filled with real free agents such as Rey Ordonez. In addition to this they had all three minor league affiliates, classes A through AAA and their respective team names and schedules. You could actually play a full season of AAA ball if you so chose. The minor league rosters were not exact because they are unable to input players who have never been on a 40 man roster. MVP’s main strength was probably its fielding, the meter system was a joy to use, and diving plays and throws to first were very realistic. The batting was great too, when facing a friend or the computer you would often have to guess a pitch just to have a chance at hitting it, sort of like real baseball. The only cons of this game are the lack of walks, whether playing one or two player, and the difficulty of trading players in the Dynasty mode.

World Series Baseball 98 (Sega Saturn)

A console that was for the most part considered a failure contained a hidden gem of a baseball game called World Series Baseball 98. The controls were nearly flawless in this game, to go along with an intuitive batting screen that had the option of guessing the pitch location. The MLBPA license added real rosters, and the season mode was one of the best. Playing against the computer in this game is more fun then usual because they actually walk opposing batters at times, and stealing bases is the way it should be, difficult but possible. The main con of this game was the inability to trade players in the season mode.

Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (N64)

The second best Griffey game around, (some would disagree) but it has some great qualities regardless. A more realistic version of the original Griffey baseball game for the SNES, and full MLBPA licensed rosters created a fun experience for gamers. The season mode was outstanding. There was an option to have a 2 player season which was a great feature. Base running was done well, as was the batting screen. The biggest cons with this game were a perceived issue with fielding, along with some of the camera views. Overall however this is a great game.…

Women in Top Ranks of Drag Racing: Hear Them Roar - The New York Times

Women in Auto Racing: Who to Watch on the Drag Strip

Women in Top Ranks of Drag Racing: Hear Them Roar - The New York Times


Women in auto racing are still something of a novelty in many series, in spite of talented drivers like Milka Duno, Allie Owens, and Leilani Munter. But in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), women have been competing and winning since the 1960s when Shirley Muldowney broke the barriers and became the first woman to receive a license from the association; she would go on to win three Top Fuel championships (1977, 1980, and 1982) and 18 national events. In the 1990s and 2000s, Angelle Sampey won 41 national events in the Pro Stock Motorcycle division on her way to three straight championships (2000-2002).

Who are the women to watch today? These three racers are all accomplished in their respective divisions, and aren’t afraid to give the guys some competition.

Ashley Force-Hood – the first woman to win a Funny Car final is no stranger to the NHRA – her father is 14-time Funny Car champion John Force, whom she beat for that first win in 2008. Force-Hood began her NHRA career in the Top Alcohol division before moving to Funny Cars as part of John Force Racing, teaming with dad John and brother-in-law Robert Hight. She was Rookie of the Year in Funny Cars in 2007, and finished second to Hight in the 2009 points standings. The Force family was featured on the A&E; Network reality series Driving Force, following dad John, daughters Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney, and mom Laurie through everyday life and race weekends.

Melanie Troxel – another second-generation driver (father Mike was the 1988 Top Alcohol champion), Troxel started racing professionally in 1997 in the Top Alcohol division. She competed part-time in the Top Fuel division starting in 2000, going full-time in 2006 with impressive results: fourth place in final points with wins at Pomona and Las Vegas. She became the first NHRA driver nominated for two ESPY Awards from ESPN in two categories (Female Athlete of the Year and Driver of the Year), and was also named Speed Channel’s 2006 First Quarter Driver of the Year and 2006 Sportswoman of the Year by the Women’s Sports Foundation. Troxel switched to Funny Cars in 2008, and became the first woman to win in both the Top Fuel and Funny Car divisions with a win at Bristol that year. She currently runs in the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Promod division while looking for sponsors to get back into Funny Cars. Troxel is married to Funny Car driver Tommy Johnson Jr.

Karen Stoffer – Stoffer made her NHRA debut in 1996 in Pro Stock Motorcycles, the same weekend Sampey made hers, but wouldn’t race in the NHRA again until 2002. That year, she and Sampey combined for the first all-female final round in Pro Stock Motorcycle history (Stoffer was runner-up). Since 2004, Stoffer has finished in the top ten in Pro Stock Motorcycle final standings every year, and has five career wins in the division.

sources: “Biography,” ashleyforce.com
“About Melanie,” melanietroxel.com
“Karen Stoffer profile,” prostockbike.com…

Street racing surges across US amid coronavirus pandemic

Fighting Street Racing and Its Dangers

Street racing surges across US amid coronavirus pandemic


Due to the competitive nature of men or women, street racing has become a huge problem. With people needing to prove how well they can drive and how fast their cars are, illegal races are being held on the highways innocent drivers are also using. Because of this, numerous accidents have happened which calls the attention of all concerned citizens to find alternatives to street racing.

The more a hobby is suppressed, the more people will find a way to break the rules. So instead of stopping kids from street racing, alternatives have been made to encourage these drivers to race legally.

For example, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) took the first step in the 1950s. Together with law enforcement agencies, the association invited street racers to sanctioned events. This provides an avenue for aspiring race drivers to showcase their talent and their cars.

The NHRA made use of abandoned runways and even dry lakebeds to provide a venue for street racers. This move by the NHRA proved to be a success as by 1994, the Southern California law enforcement encouraged the NHRA to create a program that will reach street racers in all corners of the country and even in other countries.

Today, the NHRA has more than 140 tracks open for street racers to show up and compete. This number includes tracks located in Canada and even Mexico. To participate in events held at these tracks, racers need only to present a valid driver’s license and the necessary papers to show their ownership of their cars.

Also, cars entered into these events are required to have seatbelts and mufflers as well as street-legal tires. Through this, street racers would have the chance their skills and be as far away from danger as possible unlike when racing through highways at night.

Aside from having sanctioned events for street racers, another way to fight illegal street racing is through education. The Racers Against Street Racing enlist the help of professional drag racers to talk to teenagers about the hazards of illegal street racing. Also, these spokespersons inform teens about the presence of tracks where races are sanctioned thus providing them a place to test their driving skills.

The said program is the action taken by the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association. SEMA is an organization composed of companies manufacturing aftermarket parts which is what street racers are usually buying to make their vehicles faster. This fact means that street racers are familiar with the organization thus making their campaign more appealing.

More importantly, parents need to take actions to help their teens make the right decision. By being in the know what their kids are doing with their cars would give the parent an idea what to do to discourage them from taking part in illegal street racing.

Street racing is a deadly activity and everyone should pitch in to help eradicate it. There are after all avenues where people can test their cars speed and their driving skills which is safer than street racing.…

Information on Street Racing

The Benefits of the Street Racing Scene

Information on Street Racing

Is street racing really as dangerous as some people make it out to be? Do you really think that it is more dangerous than skiing? What about skydiving? Personally, I would rather not hit a tree and die because I have no protection. I have to admit it, I would like to skydive but that is still extremely dangerous. I truly believe these things are more hazardous and more uncontrollable than street racing.

People must have an open mind to this motor sport! There are so many possibilities with street racing. Some think that all that happens is people dying and fights. Well, people die doing every sport and doing anything and everything else. There are programs to help people learn how to drive not only how to drive faster but also SAFER! Yes, I am serious! It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what I call killing 2 birds with one stone- the man or woman teaching the program has a job, which is a great thing, and the streets are that much safer than they were before!

On to my next point, which is also a very serious and important one, it is time consuming. Try to think of it this way, would you rather have your child doing drugs, maybe selling drugs, or would you rather have them at home most of the time working on their car. It’s a way for you to relate to your kids by letting them feel free to be home. It is also a way to meet their friends, learn what kind of people they are hanging around. I know that any good parent feels more comfortable knowing where their kid is, what he/she is doing, and who they are hanging out with. It is more likely for someone to die from drugs than a street racing incident. Motor sports can dramatically improve self-esteem/self-confidence. Those who love it truly love it and gain true happiness from it. There is a plenty to gain from street racing from respect for themselves to respect from others to money and even sponsors.

This amazing scene also provides cash flow to the enthusiasts, such as:
Those who work for automotive magazines
Automotive websites
The companies that sell the products
The gracious sponsors
The drivers
The UPS man/woman who delivers the packages
The mechanics, the people who do the body work, the ones that give us great custom paint jobs
The photographers

It is time to stop talking so badly about this sport and start looking towards the benefits. With all of the positive things it has to offer I would be a proud parent to have a child who was a great, and safe, street racer. Take the time to think about it and how it could affect you in a good way. You will think of something.

Remember, street racing will be around for as long as cars will be. We should not be pushing away street racing, we should be pushing away unsafe street racing.

Don’t keep your kids off the streets- keep them off the broken road.…

Diesel Drag Truck Destroys Track In High-Speed Crash: Video

Why Street Racing Destroys the Sport of Drag Racing at the Track

Diesel Drag Truck Destroys Track In High-Speed Crash: Video

To start things off, street racing reality T.V. shows are all but real. I have spent many years in the street racing community of Detroit, and what you see on T.V. is what you would expect. Actors, fake drama, set-up races, and unrealistic situations. Although the shows are scripted and essentially there is no real danger involved, real street racing is very much alive, dangerous and illegal.

Organized drag racing at a legitimate race track is still dangerous, but it’s not illegal. And the danger of racing to the drivers and the by standers are greatly reduced by safety regulation and on site medical abilities.

Unfortunately, street racing has in allure of an outlaw mentality, something that often draws in younger participants and is viewed as cool and sexy. Breaking the law this way doesn’t bring the hammer down on a person to hard. You are not going to do prison time if you are caught drag racing and it’s pretty hard for police to prove the act of betting. And maybe that is the biggest problem with street racing, the punishment does not fit the crime. Let’s face it, a couple of points on your record and a $100.00 fine doesn’t really say, “hey, were cracking down on this illegal activity.” Even worse, in my days of street racing, the chances of getting caught were even more than slim to none. And, although bookies get hassled day-and-night for taking bets on sports, in all my days of racing, I have yet to see anyone get arrested for placing illegal bets on a race.

As a street racers I have witnessed accidents, by standers hit by cars, fights over money (sometimes with weapons involved), innocent people who were not involved in the racing seen injured, the loss of expensive vehicles that could have been saved with proper safety equipment, but I have been lucky enough not to witness death first-hand, but then again, who knows. Since the activity that everyone is engaged in is illegal, the minute something bad happens, everyone runs for the hills and if someone was in need of serious medical help, no one would ever know.

That cast a stain on what you encounter at a legal drag strip: family fun, safe and organized atmosphere, friendly completion that results in a purse for winners, rules and regulation that gives everyone a fear chance to win, and by most accounts an inexpensive cover charge.

When you go to the race track, you are joining a community of people who are all gather together to enjoy the same thing: good and safe racing. A place where racers and spectators are complemented for the best conditions as possible. A safe track that is prepared to handle high-speeds, a pit area designed for cars to be tuned, fix, and prepped for racing, safety regulation that must be followed for the safety of the racer and the safety of everyone else. Fans will also enjoy conveniences that can’t be offered on the street. Grandstands to put them safely out of the way of danger, but in a perfect place to see all of the action. Concession stands, a place for barbequing and picnicking, places for you to go to the bathroom, all of this without the worry of running from the cops or seeing an accidents that never should of happen.

I have been there before, I have been arrested, seen accidents, watched fights breakout etc. All of which leaves a bad taste in your month when you think about a sport that is supposed to be good clean fun and exciting. Most of the racing community are honesty good people, even street racers can fall into that category. Street racing is a quick rush of adrenaline, an illegal, dangerous activity that just doesn’t seem like an act that can injury, even kill people, not to mention the nuisance to the neighborhood that it causes, the police power it takes to police the activities, and the bad light that it cast on legal drag the racing seen.

It’s easy for people to stereotype legal drag racers into the group with illegal street racers and look down on the sport altogether. Maybe if people knew just how safe and fun it is to legally drag race, they probably would look at the sport in a different way, but as long as people are street racing then that may never be.…

Every WWE Champion of the Decade Ranked – Good Brothers Wrestling

Classic Championship Wrestling Top Ten Rankings (Current as of 3.14.07)

Every WWE Champion of the Decade Ranked – Good Brothers WrestlingCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION:
VIC THE BRUISER: Vic has cut a wide swath of destruction throughout Classic Championship Wrestling since capturing the Heavyweight Championship from “Smooth” Johnny Spade. From Spade to Kliff Hanger and beyond, The Bruiser has either shrugged off, laughed off, or very simply put, knocked off all comers for the championship. While Brandon Scott scored a non-title shocker over Vic, his plans are as clear as the Ohio River…who the next victim will be remains to be seen…

1.“Smooth” Johnny Spade: This guy has been even busier since losing the CCW Championship than he was while still champion! While the adversity is mounting, with O’Dell Enterprises joining Vic the Bruiser (and somewhere, you know Dynamite Derrick is not finished with this rivalry by a longshot!), Spade is managing to keep his head above water, but one has to wonder for how much longer…

2.The Prophet: Some might say The Prophet is in a state of limbo following his loss to Kliff Hanger in their recent #1 Contender series, but where Kliff was unable to wrest the belt away from Vic the Bruiser, that leaves Prophet in a good position to challenge for the championship in the upcoming weeks.

3.Elmore Fudd: One of the most underrated performers in Classic Championship Wrestling right now. While along with Mrs. Fudd, he may not have made things easy for himself in the last few months, more often than not, the wily hunter bags the trophy with the bigger end of the paycheck. Expect gold to find itself around his waist before the end of 2007.

4.Brandon Scott: What can I say? The rookie has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of months, and with a non-title pinfall win over the current CCW Heavyweight Champion in addition to other strong showings, the up-and-coming “Mr. Derby City” hits #4 in this week’s rankings.

5.Guido Andretti: Hanging in at #5 this week is Guido Andretti. While the Brute Squad may have ridden off into the sunset, this former CCW Tag Team Champion has not slowed down much, if at all. Guido, a master of getting under his opponent’s skin, may be checking out things from a distance, but never doubt his focus on reaching the top in Classic Championship Wrestling!

6.Dynamite Derrick: The returning Derrick scored big with a pinfall victory over nemesis Chris Alexander this week, infuriating the Commissioner by bringing in attorney Paul Issacs to threaten litigation over his recent injuries. The Old School Player is used to be among the top ten in any promotion he appears with, but nowhere on this or any other planet will #6 be good enough for Derrick. As he re-launches his comeback trail to the CCW Championship, keep an eye on him, as the bag of tricks will no doubt fill to bursting with a lawyer involved…

7.J-Mo: Another CCW prospect that has shown good things over the last few months has been J-Mo. While he has come close to a couple of big time upsets, the rookie is still hanging tough with the stars of CCW. It’s a long road to the top, and over the next few weeks, I expect J-Mo to make a few more turns in the right direction.

8.Foster Homes: The CCW prospect has not seen a lot of ring time here lately, but when he does, you can bet a victory is not far behind. While some may consider him the dark horse of CCW’s homegrown talent, his popularity with the fans shows that there may be more in store for him – win, loss, or draw.

9.Chris Chaos: Chaos has been as impressive as anybody since making his CCW debut a couple of weeks ago. Blending speed and agility, Chaos has left his mark in the ring thus far, and it will be interesting to see where he takes the momentum from here.

10.Kliff Hanger: With heart-breaking losses to Vic the Bruiser derailing his CCW Heavyweight title hopes at the moment, it’s a unfortunate state of affairs, but there was nowhere for The Black Redneck to go but down, but never count Kliff out…once he sees these rankings, the perfectionist in Kliff will kick in, and…

THE FAT N THE FURIOUS (JACK BLACK & VITO ANDRETTI): The most dominant CCW Tag Team Champions in the promotions’ short history, Jack Black and Vito Andretti cranked up the volume considerably with their “break-up,” which proved to be nothing more than a plot to take out “Smooth” Johnny Spade! With the return of Mickey O’Dell, and Black and Andretti no longer thriving on the cheers of the fans, the tag team division has been put on notice. What you thought was an uphill battle has just seen the incline raised.

1.Jebediah Blackhawk & Kousin Krazy: By virtue of an undefeated record thus far in CCW, the impromptu tandem of Jebediah Blackhawk and Kousin Krazy find themselves in the catbird seat as the #1 contenders to the CCW Tag Team Championship. With Krazy being attacked by The Regulator however, where this team stands is a little up in the air.

2.The Overnight Males (Randy Royal & K-Lo):Returning to action in CCW with a win over the H.N.I.C. is a good way to make it back up the ladder, and Randy Royal and K-Lo are neither one strangers to upper echelon tag team work. Along with The H.N.I.C., The Overnight Males are probably the strongest challengers to the CCW Tag Team Champions.

3.The H.N.I.C. (Apollo & JB Thunder):Apollo and JB Thunder may just be the most solid tag team in CCW currently. They have a long and successful resume as a team, and have never been considered a walk in the park. This reputation has not served to bring them much in the way of championship success …

College Football Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

College Football Trivia

College Football Trivia: Test Your KnowledgeTest Your Knowledge of the Gridiron

  1. Who was the first Associated Press national champion in 1936?
  2. Which of the service academies have won the national championship?
  3. Who was the first BCS Champion?
  4. Who is known as the “Father of American Football” ?
  5. From what yard-line are two point conversions attempted?
  6. What was the first bowl game and in what year was it held?
  7. What was notable about Yale’s undefeated season in 1888?
  8. Who has the most undefeated seasons?
  9. Match the school to the mascot:
  10. a) Air Force 1) Owls
  11. b) Ball State 2) Huskies
  12. c) Kansas University 3) Commodores
  13. d) Florida International 4) Golden Eagles
  14. e) Michigan State 5) Jayhawks
  15. f) University of Washington 6) Spartans
  16. g) Purdue 7) Cardinals
  17. h) Southern Miss 8) Golden Panthers
  18. i) Temple 9) Falcons
  19. j) Vanderbilt 10) Boilermakers
  20. When was instant replay first introduced to college football?
  21. What rivalry, played in the last week of the season, began in 1890?
  22. When is the Nebraska-Colorado game played?
  23. What did the Rose Bowl do in 2002?
  24. Due to security concerns where was the Rose Bowl temporarily moved to in 1942?
  25. What game was the predecessor to the Orange Bowl?
  26. What famous collegiate broadcaster is known for the phrase “Whoa Nellie”?
  27. What is Gerard Phelan best known for in his football career?
  28. Where is the College Football Hall of Fame?
  29. Who has the most players in the Hall of Fame?
  30. What do these states have in common? Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida
  31. President Roosevelt threatened to do what in 1906?
  32. Who was the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy?
  33. Who is the model for the Heisman Trophy?
  34. How many Heisman winners have entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
  35. Match the player to the team:
  36. a) Mike Rozier 1) Navy
  37. b) Warren Moon 2) Florida
  38. c) Warren Sapp 3) Notre Dame
  39. d) Roger Staubach 4) Yankton College
  40. e) Earl Campbell 5) Notre Dame
  41. f) Steve Spurrier 6) Tennessee
  42. g) Paul Hornung 7) Miami, FL
  43. h) Peyton Manning 8) Texas
  44. i) Lyle Alzado 9) Nebraska
  45. j) Joe Montana 10) Washington
  46. What positions are eligible to receive the Lombardi Award?
  47. John Outland, whom the Outland Trophy for best interior lineman is name after, played at what schools?
  48. What do Archie Griffin and O.J. Simpson have in common?
  49. Minnesota
  50. Army
  51. Tennessee
  52. Walter Camp
  53. The 3 yard line
  54. Rose Bowl, 1902
  55. No one scored on them
  56. Yale
  57. a-9, b-7, c-5, d-8, e-6, f-2, g-10, h-4, i-1, j-3
  58. 1963
  59. Army-Navy
  60. On the day after Thanksgiving
  61. Accepted sponsorship
  62. Duke University
  63. The Palm Festival Game
  64. Keith Jackson
  65. Catching the “Hail Flutie” pass
  66. South Bend, Indiana
  67. Notre Dame
  68. All host bowl games
  69. Ban college football due to its increasing violence
  70. Ernie Davis
  71. Ed Smith
  72. 8
  73. a-9, b-10, c-7, d-1, e-8, f-2, g-3 or 5, h-6, i-4, j-3 or 5
  74. Defensive Lineman or Linebacker
  75. University of Kansas and University of Pennsylvania
  76. They both won the Walter Camp Award twice.
NHL 11 - PS3 | Xbox 360 - Ultimate Hockey League developer blog official  video game trailer HD - YouTube

EA Sports NHL 11 Preview for the Xbox 360

NHL 11 - PS3 | Xbox 360 - Ultimate Hockey League developer blog official  video game trailer HD - YouTubeEA Sports loves churning out sports title on a consistent yearly basis. Usually these sports titles become nothing more than glorified upgrades that cost as much as a new game.

NHL 11 follows in that fine tradition, but does add a new game mode, Ultimate Team EA Sports Hockey League for multiplayer. At first glance I was very skeptical about this mode of game play, and before I figured out the controls and menu systems I was almost ready to declare NHL 11 a disaster; and then everything clicked and I was out on the ice playing goalie in the NHL 11 demo out this week.

The more I played of this new mode the more I was sucked into its time wasting vortex of addicting game play. Combined with friends we might have created a time space wormhole, because five hours of our day mysteriously disappeared.

From the time spent playing this mode, I’m sure it will be a popular bonus to the already fantastic game play us hardcore hockey fans have come to expect from the NHL franchise.

Outside of the new Ultimate Team mode, everything from NHL 10 is included, which makes NHL 11 really feel like a nice update or an add-on pack. From playing goalie in the Ultimate Team mode the game play and physics felt exactly the same from NHL 10.

The real differences in this year’s updates are felt playing on the ice. Players are more realistic in motion and momentum, something sorely missing from previous NHL titles. No longer can you just stand next to a guy move two feet and plant him on his backside. You’ll need the proper momentum this year or you’ll just bounce off him or harmlessly bump into him.

The shooting, passing and puke handling all felt a lot cleaner and more intuitive than last years title, but the controls seemed a bit different, took me a few games to readjust from NHL 10. The new broken stick feature is pretty neat, not overly used it felt very natural.

I hope EA has fixed their servers this year, last year’s NHL 10 servers and really every year the EA Sports NHL franchise has had online team play, the servers have been a mess with phantom drops, random disconnects and funky restarts.

If the server issues have been cleared up, it looks like NHL 11 from EA Sports will have another award winning season, especially with the added multiplayer mode. I definitely recommend buying EA Sports NHL 11 for fans of hockey or of the EA Sports NHL franchise; you’ll get your money’s worth.…

10 Best Sports Movies based on True Stories that you can watch on Netflix,  Amazon Prime and Hotstar Premium | GQ India

Top Five Sports Movies Which Are About More Than Just Sports

10 Best Sports Movies based on True Stories that you can watch on Netflix,  Amazon Prime and Hotstar Premium | GQ IndiaTrying to choose a list of “Top Five Sports Movies” is actually a rather difficult endeavor. Given the inherent nature for drama, along with natural pro- and antagonists, sports make for excellent storylines and, as such, there are a plethora of quality sport movies available.

Everyone’s list is going to be based on different criteria. Some people will choose movies which have a certain artistic merit. The Wrestler was a critically-acclaimed movie which would fall into this category, whereas Happy Gilmore would not. This is not to say that one movie is necessarily better than the other. They just aimed to accomplish different goals and this would place them on different lists.

Some people’s lists will mostly contain comedy, others intense drama. When faced with a broad topic as diverse as “sports,” there is a wide range of possible ways at looking at the top films.

This particular list of top five sports movies is centered around some of the usual suspects (Hoosiers, Rudy, Field of Dreams…), but the criteria involves sports movies which are about more than just the sports. These movies have conflict and obstacles, passion and growth. Of course, the viewer wants the protagonist(s) to win, but there is something inherently deeper going on with the characters.

  1. The Sandlot (1993)

This movie could be debated as an actual sports movie, but the plot to bring the characters together centers around baseball. The boys from The Sandlot may love many things, but nothing more than they do baseball. Smalls, the main character, goes through a virtual transformation from the shy, awkward kid who can’t even catch a baseball to a valued member of the team and close friend to the other boys. His ability to overcome fear and shyness is a great role model for millions of children who are insecure and reluctant.

The Sandlot is simply a great family film. There is not a lot of unobjectionable content in the movie, although the boys do try chewing tobacco. Of course, the tobacco experiment is a horrible experience for them and they learn their lesson. Beyond that, though, the movie is perfectly acceptable to watch with children, who will learn a lot from the adventures of the boys.

  1. Rudy (1993)

Rudy is the consummate tale of an underdog who will stop at nothing to achieve his dream. In spite of a lack of size usually needed to play college football, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettinger has always wanted to play football for Notre Dame. After high school, Rudy finds himself working in a steel mill. While there, an explosion kills his best friend. As a result of this tragedy, Rudy realizes life is finite and it is not an option for him not to pursue his dream.

Rudy is faced with tremendous obstacles, but never stops in the face of difficulty. His drive leads to an impressive work ethic and true tenacity. As with The Sandlot, there is hardly any objectionable content and children can learn a lot from Rudy’s story. They will see the value of pursuing a dream and learn that, in the end, all the hard work can be worth it to accomplish a valued goal.

  1. Eight Men Out (1988)

Unlike the other movies on this list, Eight Men Out is not necessarily an uplifting, the-good-guys-win kind of film. What it is, though, is a gritty, true life account of the infamous “Black Sox” scandal from 1919. The Chicago White Sox were touted as the best team in baseball and clear cut favorites to win the World Series. They might have gone on to easily do so, but a criminal element entered the picture and managed to corrupt the team, creating a tremendous scandal.

Whereas the first two movies were chosen because of uplifting messages, this one was selected on account of its tremendous portrayal of human nature. Each member of the Chicago White Sox has his own respective Achilles’ heal with regard to being paid off by professional gamblers to rig the World Series. Eight Men Out shows the difficult situations in which some of the ball players were put by the criminals, and displays the darker nature of those who reside in a life of crime. The viewer can see the conflict by the ball players who want to win (the very reason games are played in the first place), but are either tempted by dollars or threatened with harm to loved ones. This movie has incredible drama and remains true to the period in which it takes place.

  1. Hoosiers (1986)

Hoosiers is the timeless tale of a small town basketball team making it to the big time and playing in the state championship game. Perhaps it is a tad cliché, but this is a David versus Goliath story, much like Rudy.

Beyond the actual basketball story, this movie centers on the redemption of a once-disgraced coach, Norman Dale. This small town basketball team becomes his chance to put his past behind him and advance with his life. In addition to redemption, Norman Dale is faced with the seemingly-impossible task of winning his team over and gaining the trust of the town’s basketball superstar, Jimmy Chitwood.

  1. Field of Dreams (1989)

Field of Dreams is a baseball movie, but that doesn’t say nearly enough. Ray Kinsella, the main character, is a conflicted man. He fears becoming his father and isn’t sure about his life. One day he hears a voice coming from the cornfield. It provides one of the most classic and frequently quoted movie lines of all time – “If you build it, he will come.” From there, the movie goes on a simply amazing journey.

This movie is at the top of this list because the main character has so much internal conflict, but also because he becomes passionate about trying to figure out the meaning of the voices and where it all leads. Ray is a man driven by a mission, even if he’s not entirely sure what …