Sports Illustrated For Kids Magazine

Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine is a highly popular spin-off of the most successful sports magazine in history. Sports Illustrated for Kids was launched in January of 1989. It has since won multiple awards from both parental and publishing excellence organizations.

Sports Illustrated for Kids features sports content written in easy to understand language. It covers all aspects of major league football, baseball and basketball, including pre-and and post-game analysis, and information on the most interesting players up for draft. SI for Kids also features practical advice columns on subjects like in-game defense against bigger kids, defusing conflict, and good sportsmanship.

Sports Illustrated for Kids has a very popular website,, which features an online edition of the monthly, as well as question and answer forums on multiple topics. There are cool games and a treasure trove of sports statistics. For those that like to hear rather than read their Sports Illustrated for Kids news, there's even the SI Kids radio network. Access to the website is free to all, not just subscribers.

Encouraging Reading for Fun

SI for Kids has won numerous awards. It has received the Distinguished Achievement for Excellence in Educational Publishing 11 times, and won the Parents' Choice Magazine Award seven times. SI for Kids is often available in schools, where it is used as an aid to encourage reading for pleasure. Over 160,000 subscriptions are given for free to qualifying schools across the United States.

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