Multisports is a manufacturer of a large line of home gyms, free weight systems, weights, and cardiovascular fitness products. Centered in Houston, Texas, the company designed machinery for both home and industrial or commercial gym use and backs all of its products with high-end commercial warranties. Although Multisports has a relatively young history (it was founded in 1986 and introduced its first entry level home gym in 1992), its products can be found in many professional retail shops, gyms and online shopping sources.

Multisports home gyms are made with heavy gauge steel, making them strong and durable for a number of serious weight and resistance training exercises. All pulleys are made of reinforced nylon and coated aircraft cables able to withstand 2,000 pounds of weight. The seats and benches are upholstered with high-density foam and strong, long-lasting stitched seams to handle years of stress and strain. Stations can include, but are not limited to, areas for a pectoral deck, high and low pulley, leg press, leg extension or curl, mid row, abdominal crunch, preacher curl, and hyperextension.

The company’s line of free weight systems starts with the most basic Pro Flat Bench and end with the extensive and all-encompassing Deluxe Smith Machine Set. In order to find the right system for your home or commercial gym, you must first choose a machine base unit, such as the Linear Smith or Deluxe Smith, Cable Crossover, or Pro Power Cage systems. The next step is to add a good combination of attachment machines to fit your particular fitness needs. The best “beginner” machines to choose are the Pro Flat Bench, the Incline Flat Bench, and the Preacher Curl Bench; advanced weight enthusiasts can also add options like the Tricep Pressdown Bench, Roman Chair Hyperextension, ROM series Ab and Back machine, or any number of dumbbell towers, plate trees, and weight accessories.

Multisports Exercise Machines for Cardiovascular Fitness

Multisports makes treadmills, upright and recumbent exercise bikes, and elliptical machines for both home and gym use. All models are fitted with ergometers, such as the CC-4050R and U meters, to give the user a wide variety of performance data. Multisports also makes three different spinning bikes–the ENC-200, Enc-600 and the ENC-360–for indoor group cycling classes, home, and light commercial use.

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