Sports Trivia Game

Sports trivia games are so much fun! When I'm bored at work the only that gets me through my days is testing my knowledge of sports trivia. I've now found a way to make my pay checks even bigger and earn some extra cash on the side while I play sports trivia. There are tons of online game places that pay you to be part of a research study.

The way it works is you become the subject of one of these big firm research studies and they pay you to see who knows what about sports. The research is then used for marketing and advertising of sports products. They want to know if the general public knows more about baseball or basketball.

Play Sports Trivia Games Online and Earn Money

There are tons of different genres of sports trivia games to choose from. They have games about hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. You name it they probably have it. If it's a sport that's played anywhere in the world it'll be on one of these tests. It's a simple way to pass the time and gauge your knowledge on a subject you truly enjoy.

The scores to these tests don't even mean anything. Some of the questions are so far out there that no one would know the answers. The key thing is that you answer all the questions truthfully so that the marketing professionals know where the target audience stands. Even if you know very few answers, you can have fun just learning a ton of obscure facts.

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