Sports Ice Wraps

Athletic coaches and sports health therapists recommend the use of sports ice wraps to help with any pain and inflammation caused by sports injuries. The cold brought upon by these wraps helps to reduce the blood flow to the injured area. It helps to contract the arteries and capillaries and leads to faster healing rates.

Many novices make the mistake of placing heat upon an injured area. While heat is good for relaxing and stretching muscles, it can harm a stretched tendon or twisted ankle and slow down the healing process. A combination of heat and cold sports ice wraps can be utilized for a sports injury, but cold must be placed on it immediately after the incident occurs.

Types of Sports Ice Wraps

Because there are so many parts to the body that can be injured during a sports event, it is important for an athlete to have a series of different wraps built specifically for each body part. A pack of ice is useful, but it can be difficult to maintain constant cold to the area. Pre-shaped sports ice wraps can be found for every joint or muscle area, from the shoulder, lower and upper back, wrist, ankle, thigh, knee, elbow and forearm.

There also exist universal wraps that are shaped for a variety of different applications, including the face, head and calves. Make sure any of the wraps you consider are made of waterproof, protective neoprene or plastic covering and are fitted with straps to keep them in place. Also, be sure to purchase those of high quality that can be used repeatedly over a number of years.

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