Sports Video Analysis

One of the most frustrating aspects of athletics is that your rate of improvement slows dramatically as you get better. When you are just starting a sport, you make incredible progress as your body learns how to perform the motions it requires. You get faster in races, you throw better pitches, and you get higher scores in gymnastic events. However, once you have mastered these skills, it becomes increasingly harder to continue to improve.

Options for Improvement

Many athletes feel as if their progress levels off after a few years. Notable achievements are encouraging, and become the impetus for further progress and determination. The better you get, the more you want to get better. Unfortunately, these achievements become fewer and fewer as the years go on, and many athletes start to get discouraged.

This plateau of progress is what drives many athletes to consider illegal performance enhancing drugs. When it seems near impossible to reach another personal goal, athletes will look out for whatever may give them that added edge. Sadly, many make the wrong choice and use steroids to keep improving. However, there are other options.

One of the most cutting edge options is sports video analysis. By using motion analysis software, athletes can examine their body mechanics and performances, and find ways to improve their efficiency. More efficient motions lead to less fatigue and fewer injuries, and a continued road of rewarding successes.

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