Sports Camp Insurance

Sports camp insurance is highly important to have, especially if you will be bringing in participants from the general public. Normally, you would likely have some type of team insurance policy in place to cover your organizations members. When camps or clinics are run, these members are covered under this sports insurance policy.

However, if you are running a camp that involves participants from outside of your organization, you would need to purchase additional sports camp insurance that would protect you in the event of a problem. In general, you could expect to pay for accident and liability insurance, with the option to add on other features. Your agent will be able to advise you best on what options you should consider purchasing.

Essential Sports Camp Insurance

Regardless of the sport you are involved with, your organization will certainly need to purchase sports camp insurance when running clinics and camps throughout the year. Keep in mind that different sports have different premiums, depending on the risk associated with them. For instance, all Class A sports are considered higher risk sports, and they include: tackle football, ice hockey, diving, skiing, rugby, lacrosse over age 19, and boxing.

Class B sports are considered to be less risky and they include: swimming, T-ball, kickball, ice skating, cricket, field hockey, water polo, volleyball, and tennis. There are of course other sports in both categories, but there is not enough space to discuss them all. To learn more about camp insurance, you can log onto the Internet and do a search, or you can contact your sports insurance agent for information.

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