Houston Plant Explosion Kills One

A massive investigation has been undertaken after a plant caught fire in Houston Tuesday morning. What is suspected as a broken pipeline led to a massive fire at a Houston refinery. A formal investigation by OSHA has been started and several other federal and state officials are looking into the fire.

The plant was the enterprise products plant outside Houston and news reports indicate that the facility is conducting its own cause analysis of the fatal fire. It took over 24 hours for the remains of the worker to be located, it has been reported.

In addition to OSHA apparently the Railroad commission of Texas will be conducting an investigation into pipeline safety as related to the fire. Houston does no stranger to pipeline explosions and fires having more than our share in the last decade.

After a fatal explosion such as this litigation is eminent whether from the worker’s family or not certainly the insurance carriers for the business will be looking at potential sources of recoupment for their losses. Often, different parties come up with different causes of the plant fire.

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