ABC family game show 'Opportunity Knocks' offers a home edition - New York  Daily News

ABC’s New Mobile Game Show Opportunity Knocks

ABC family game show 'Opportunity Knocks' offers a home edition - New York  Daily News

Is your family close-knit? Do you do everything together? Would you like to win a quarter of a million dollars? Then you and your loved ones are excellent candidates for the new ABC game show Opportunity Knocks. Opportunity Knocks is a new game show that gambles on the idea that family members don’t really know each other. Here’s a guide to how it works.

  1. One host offers up a big challenge. His name is J.D. Roth. He invented this game one day after realizing how distracted and over scheduled his family’s life was and that a game like Opportunity Knocks would bring them all together. So after playing it with his own kids, he brought it to television. What’s his primary role on the show? J.D. Roth is the guy who knocks on an unsuspecting family’s door and invites them to play for a quarter of a million dollars. He also hosts the game.
  2. Research is done on a family’s dynamics. Who does it? The staff of Opportunity Knocks gathers the information. They talk to teachers, neighbors and grocers to find out specific information on each family member. Later, this information is used to set up the questions, challenges and prizes.
  3. Staff sets up the game on a family’s front lawn. How? Once a family accepts the challenge to play Opportunity Knocks, twelve trucks and 150 staff members roll down their block. They set up the game and challenges on the front lawn of the family’s house. Afterward, neighbors are invited over to watch. It’s one big block party that no one in the immediate area wants to miss.
  4. J.D. Roth tests a family member’s knowledge. No, it’s not questions about current events. J.D. presents questions to a family member on other family members. Kids get to answer questions about parents or siblings and vice-versa. Consequently, with each answer comes a big challenge that can help the family win or lose prizes. On one of the upcoming shows, a girl has to figure out which of four feet is her mother’s. She should know how to pick them out since she goes on regular trips to a pedicurist with mom. Right? Well, based on how closely she’s been paying attention (or not), she could get the answer wrong. It’s what makes Opportunity Knocks fun.
  5. Opportunity Knocks gives away great prizes. What makes them so hot? They are prizes based on what a family member favors or needs in his or her life. One prize for a young girl who loves Hannah Montana is tickets to her TV show. Now what little girl wouldn’t go crazy for that? Of course, she only gets them if she wins the challenge.
  6. The creator of Opportunity Knocks hopes to unite families. J.D. Roth wants to encourage families to build a campfire around one TV to watch his new game show. His hopes that it will spark new conversations that will bring American families back together again.

    Opportunity Knocks
    sounds like the kind of game show that we need today. So don’t miss out. You can watch it for the first time on ABC September 30, Tuesday 8/7c.

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