School VS Gaming - The Good and The Bad, Philippines

School vs. Video Games

School VS Gaming - The Good and The Bad, Philippines


Parents, are you all up for a start of the school year challenge?

Well, I just happen to have one for you. I am challenging each and every one of you to put education first in your home this school year. What’s the catch? It’s getting rid of the video games. Yes, your children will think you’re mean. They will possibly even scream, cry and throw fits. But it really is for their benefit in the long run.

Good study habits are developed young, from the beginning. If they haven’t had them until their senior year, they are going to be unsuccessful when college comes. Also, as we all know, poor grades will keep them out of top colleges and exclude them from many scholarships.

We all want our children to have the same things their friends do. One of these over rated items is video games. There are Playstations, Wii’s, XBoxes, various hand held ones and so many more. Over the summer I watched my children play them more and more–also listened to them fight over them. My children are five, almost nine, ten and eleven. They want to play these games from the time they get up until way past bedtime. Even mealtimes are an inconvenience to their game schedule.

As it dawned on me that this was how it had been most of the summer, I found myself wondering what would happen once the school year started. I mean, even if you tell them that video games are not allowed past 9:00 p.m., they tend to sneak and do it anyway. What I decided was that homework would be rushed through just to get to the video game. Even more so to see who can get to it first.

The more important part was: What was I going to do about it? My solution is simple. In my home, from Sunday evenings until Friday evenings there are no video games. They will all be disconnected and collected and put up. Our daily routine will be school, activities, homework, dinner, reading and bed. As with any pattern change, the first few weeks will be difficult. But we will survive and one day my children will thank me for making their education a priority. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for my grandchildren.

I’m putting education first this school year. Will you join me in my anti-video game challenge? All you have to do is get your children to understand how truly important their education is, how important their future is. No to video games and yes to education.

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