Street racing surges across US amid coronavirus pandemic

Fighting Street Racing and Its Dangers

Street racing surges across US amid coronavirus pandemic


Due to the competitive nature of men or women, street racing has become a huge problem. With people needing to prove how well they can drive and how fast their cars are, illegal races are being held on the highways innocent drivers are also using. Because of this, numerous accidents have happened which calls the attention of all concerned citizens to find alternatives to street racing.

The more a hobby is suppressed, the more people will find a way to break the rules. So instead of stopping kids from street racing, alternatives have been made to encourage these drivers to race legally.

For example, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) took the first step in the 1950s. Together with law enforcement agencies, the association invited street racers to sanctioned events. This provides an avenue for aspiring race drivers to showcase their talent and their cars.

The NHRA made use of abandoned runways and even dry lakebeds to provide a venue for street racers. This move by the NHRA proved to be a success as by 1994, the Southern California law enforcement encouraged the NHRA to create a program that will reach street racers in all corners of the country and even in other countries.

Today, the NHRA has more than 140 tracks open for street racers to show up and compete. This number includes tracks located in Canada and even Mexico. To participate in events held at these tracks, racers need only to present a valid driver’s license and the necessary papers to show their ownership of their cars.

Also, cars entered into these events are required to have seatbelts and mufflers as well as street-legal tires. Through this, street racers would have the chance their skills and be as far away from danger as possible unlike when racing through highways at night.

Aside from having sanctioned events for street racers, another way to fight illegal street racing is through education. The Racers Against Street Racing enlist the help of professional drag racers to talk to teenagers about the hazards of illegal street racing. Also, these spokespersons inform teens about the presence of tracks where races are sanctioned thus providing them a place to test their driving skills.

The said program is the action taken by the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association. SEMA is an organization composed of companies manufacturing aftermarket parts which is what street racers are usually buying to make their vehicles faster. This fact means that street racers are familiar with the organization thus making their campaign more appealing.

More importantly, parents need to take actions to help their teens make the right decision. By being in the know what their kids are doing with their cars would give the parent an idea what to do to discourage them from taking part in illegal street racing.

Street racing is a deadly activity and everyone should pitch in to help eradicate it. There are after all avenues where people can test their cars speed and their driving skills which is safer than street racing.

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