Information on Street Racing

The Benefits of the Street Racing Scene

Information on Street Racing

Is street racing really as dangerous as some people make it out to be? Do you really think that it is more dangerous than skiing? What about skydiving? Personally, I would rather not hit a tree and die because I have no protection. I have to admit it, I would like to skydive but that is still extremely dangerous. I truly believe these things are more hazardous and more uncontrollable than street racing.

People must have an open mind to this motor sport! There are so many possibilities with street racing. Some think that all that happens is people dying and fights. Well, people die doing every sport and doing anything and everything else. There are programs to help people learn how to drive not only how to drive faster but also SAFER! Yes, I am serious! It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what I call killing 2 birds with one stone- the man or woman teaching the program has a job, which is a great thing, and the streets are that much safer than they were before!

On to my next point, which is also a very serious and important one, it is time consuming. Try to think of it this way, would you rather have your child doing drugs, maybe selling drugs, or would you rather have them at home most of the time working on their car. It’s a way for you to relate to your kids by letting them feel free to be home. It is also a way to meet their friends, learn what kind of people they are hanging around. I know that any good parent feels more comfortable knowing where their kid is, what he/she is doing, and who they are hanging out with. It is more likely for someone to die from drugs than a street racing incident. Motor sports can dramatically improve self-esteem/self-confidence. Those who love it truly love it and gain true happiness from it. There is a plenty to gain from street racing from respect for themselves to respect from others to money and even sponsors.

This amazing scene also provides cash flow to the enthusiasts, such as:
Those who work for automotive magazines
Automotive websites
The companies that sell the products
The gracious sponsors
The drivers
The UPS man/woman who delivers the packages
The mechanics, the people who do the body work, the ones that give us great custom paint jobs
The photographers

It is time to stop talking so badly about this sport and start looking towards the benefits. With all of the positive things it has to offer I would be a proud parent to have a child who was a great, and safe, street racer. Take the time to think about it and how it could affect you in a good way. You will think of something.

Remember, street racing will be around for as long as cars will be. We should not be pushing away street racing, we should be pushing away unsafe street racing.

Don’t keep your kids off the streets- keep them off the broken road.

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