How Structural Engineers Help Homeowners

As a homeowner, it might not occur to you that you would ever need the services of a civil engineer, but this is certainly a possibility. For example, structural engineers, who are specialists in a sub-discipline of civil engineering, sometimes work with homeowners to help them solve certain difficult problems relating to the stability and integrity of thier house. This article examine several situations in which a structural engineer can assist a homeowner.


If you have a home with an attached stairwell, the stairs can cause serious injuries if they collapse due to a structural problem. You could, of course, call a general contractor to repair the stairs, but having the stairs inspected by a structural engineer is probably a better plan. The structural engineer can use his or her knowledge and experience to identify the cause of the problem and make sure it does not recur after the stairwell is repaired.

If you have any concerns about a stairwell attached to your home, have it inspected by a structural engineer as soon as possible. They can tell you if any serious issues, such as wood damage or soil movement, need to be corrected.


Adding a room or rooms onto your house is a great way to increase your living space and raise the value of your home, but care is required. If there are any miscalculations in the planning, your home could end up with structural damage. To reduce the chance of this happening to an absolute minimum, have a structural engineer look over the plans before work is done.

Load Bearing Walls 

Even a less drastic change might need the attention of structural engineer. For example, if you are undertaking a remodel that involves removing a load-bearing wall, having the plans examined by this type of expert is a good precaution. Load-bearing walls carry the weight of the house. When they are not handled properly during a remodel, serious damage to your home can result.


Before you have any work done to your foundation, have the site looked at by a structural engineer. They will be able to identify any ongoing issues that are damaging the foundation such as poor drainage or root growth. After an objective analysis of the situation, they can offer you the best solution.

It’s apparent that having the assistance of a structural engineer can be quite beneficial to homeowners in a variety of circumstances. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional engineering firm, such as Gray Surveying & Engineering, if the situation arises.

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