Create A Wonderful Playscape For Children

Whether it’s for your children or your grandchildren, creating a wonderful outdoor area in which they can play is an excellent idea.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Play – While many children might think they’re happiest sitting in front of a computer screen or watching television, they’ll be truly blessed by having somebody to encourage outdoor play. Besides just having a good time, the benefits of outdoor play are amazing.

  • While children run and jump they are building their muscles, developing coordination, and their health increases.
  • Besides the physical benefits, creativity and good emotional health are developed.
  • Children learn how to play together as they learn how to follow rules, how to take turns, and how to share.
  • Just being outside develops an aesthetic awareness of nature which is very beneficial.

Creating An Amazing Playscape – Consider dividing the play area into sections.

  • A grassy area for somersaults, leap frog and other games that need a soft landing space would be great. Consider buying a croquet set, horse shoes and little golf clubs for miniature golf for this area of the playscape.
  • Another great idea is to have a planting area so that children can have the fun and the responsibility of tending their own flower and vegetable patches. Think about having decorative concrete borders built that will separate this area from the rest of the playscape.
  • Consider hiring a paving contractor to build a hardscape for basketball, roller skating, and roller blading. One great design would be to have the contractor build the hardscape in the shape of a large T. The longest section would be for playing ball and skating. One section of the T would be reserved for a small table and benches so that children can have tea parties and picnics. The second part of the T would be perfect for young artists to work with sidewalk chalk as they draw their own designs. Another idea is to use that part of the T for tic-tac-toe, huge chess and checker games and for hop scotch. The great thing about concrete is that it’s very affordable and it will last for a very long time.
  • If you have large acreage, consider asking the contractor to create bike trails which meander all over your property. Including curves as part of the design will make the bike trail even more fun.

Have a good time as you create a wonderful playscape for your children or your grandchildren.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Chad. I got started in woodworking as a kid. I was on a family campout, and I noticed my grandpa whittling away at a stick. When I asked him what he was doing, he gave me a chunk of firewood and a pocketknife and taught me how to carve wood.

It’s been a long time since then. I can’t even remember what I made out of that block of wood – probably kindling. But the focused calm of woodworking has stuck with me, which is why I’ve made a hobby out of it today.


If you’re interested in woodworking, there are a few tools you need to start with.

  • Radial arm saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Lathe
  • Drill press
  • Router
  • Chisels
  • Rasps
  • Planes
  • Measuring tools (sliding bevel, framing square, tape measure)
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Utility knife
  • Clamp
  • Claw hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill
  • Sander

Like any craft, though, you’ll eventually need to expand your collection to fit your next project.

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