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Classic Championship Wrestling Top Ten Rankings (Current as of 3.14.07)

Every WWE Champion of the Decade Ranked – Good Brothers WrestlingCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION:
VIC THE BRUISER: Vic has cut a wide swath of destruction throughout Classic Championship Wrestling since capturing the Heavyweight Championship from “Smooth” Johnny Spade. From Spade to Kliff Hanger and beyond, The Bruiser has either shrugged off, laughed off, or very simply put, knocked off all comers for the championship. While Brandon Scott scored a non-title shocker over Vic, his plans are as clear as the Ohio River…who the next victim will be remains to be seen…

1.“Smooth” Johnny Spade: This guy has been even busier since losing the CCW Championship than he was while still champion! While the adversity is mounting, with O’Dell Enterprises joining Vic the Bruiser (and somewhere, you know Dynamite Derrick is not finished with this rivalry by a longshot!), Spade is managing to keep his head above water, but one has to wonder for how much longer…

2.The Prophet: Some might say The Prophet is in a state of limbo following his loss to Kliff Hanger in their recent #1 Contender series, but where Kliff was unable to wrest the belt away from Vic the Bruiser, that leaves Prophet in a good position to challenge for the championship in the upcoming weeks.

3.Elmore Fudd: One of the most underrated performers in Classic Championship Wrestling right now. While along with Mrs. Fudd, he may not have made things easy for himself in the last few months, more often than not, the wily hunter bags the trophy with the bigger end of the paycheck. Expect gold to find itself around his waist before the end of 2007.

4.Brandon Scott: What can I say? The rookie has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of months, and with a non-title pinfall win over the current CCW Heavyweight Champion in addition to other strong showings, the up-and-coming “Mr. Derby City” hits #4 in this week’s rankings.

5.Guido Andretti: Hanging in at #5 this week is Guido Andretti. While the Brute Squad may have ridden off into the sunset, this former CCW Tag Team Champion has not slowed down much, if at all. Guido, a master of getting under his opponent’s skin, may be checking out things from a distance, but never doubt his focus on reaching the top in Classic Championship Wrestling!

6.Dynamite Derrick: The returning Derrick scored big with a pinfall victory over nemesis Chris Alexander this week, infuriating the Commissioner by bringing in attorney Paul Issacs to threaten litigation over his recent injuries. The Old School Player is used to be among the top ten in any promotion he appears with, but nowhere on this or any other planet will #6 be good enough for Derrick. As he re-launches his comeback trail to the CCW Championship, keep an eye on him, as the bag of tricks will no doubt fill to bursting with a lawyer involved…

7.J-Mo: Another CCW prospect that has shown good things over the last few months has been J-Mo. While he has come close to a couple of big time upsets, the rookie is still hanging tough with the stars of CCW. It’s a long road to the top, and over the next few weeks, I expect J-Mo to make a few more turns in the right direction.

8.Foster Homes: The CCW prospect has not seen a lot of ring time here lately, but when he does, you can bet a victory is not far behind. While some may consider him the dark horse of CCW’s homegrown talent, his popularity with the fans shows that there may be more in store for him – win, loss, or draw.

9.Chris Chaos: Chaos has been as impressive as anybody since making his CCW debut a couple of weeks ago. Blending speed and agility, Chaos has left his mark in the ring thus far, and it will be interesting to see where he takes the momentum from here.

10.Kliff Hanger: With heart-breaking losses to Vic the Bruiser derailing his CCW Heavyweight title hopes at the moment, it’s a unfortunate state of affairs, but there was nowhere for The Black Redneck to go but down, but never count Kliff out…once he sees these rankings, the perfectionist in Kliff will kick in, and…

THE FAT N THE FURIOUS (JACK BLACK & VITO ANDRETTI): The most dominant CCW Tag Team Champions in the promotions’ short history, Jack Black and Vito Andretti cranked up the volume considerably with their “break-up,” which proved to be nothing more than a plot to take out “Smooth” Johnny Spade! With the return of Mickey O’Dell, and Black and Andretti no longer thriving on the cheers of the fans, the tag team division has been put on notice. What you thought was an uphill battle has just seen the incline raised.

1.Jebediah Blackhawk & Kousin Krazy: By virtue of an undefeated record thus far in CCW, the impromptu tandem of Jebediah Blackhawk and Kousin Krazy find themselves in the catbird seat as the #1 contenders to the CCW Tag Team Championship. With Krazy being attacked by The Regulator however, where this team stands is a little up in the air.

2.The Overnight Males (Randy Royal & K-Lo):Returning to action in CCW with a win over the H.N.I.C. is a good way to make it back up the ladder, and Randy Royal and K-Lo are neither one strangers to upper echelon tag team work. Along with The H.N.I.C., The Overnight Males are probably the strongest challengers to the CCW Tag Team Champions.

3.The H.N.I.C. (Apollo & JB Thunder):Apollo and JB Thunder may just be the most solid tag team in CCW currently. They have a long and successful resume as a team, and have never been considered a walk in the park. This reputation has not served to bring them much in the way of championship success in CCW, which they have become increasingly vocal of in weeks past. A tag title match with The Fat N The Furious would not threaten to be a technical classic, but the smart money says not to put any smart money at all on it, as The H.N.I.C. prove the old adage that any match is just three seconds away from being over…

4.The Bad Medicines #6 & #9: Tim the Baker must be fit to be tied, as The Bad Medicines lost two matches in the space of four days to the aforementioned Blackhawk & Krazy. The venerable masked duo may be the talk of the cut-rate medical scene, but they need to square up some new strategy to stay viable in the quickly growing tag team scene in Classic Championship Wrestling.

5.Matt Maverick & Lincoln Walker: This team may be the one to watch. While both men have have their issues with The Fudds over the last few months, it has not translated into much success, singles or otherwise for these two men. With a big revenge match against Mr. & Mrs. Fudd set for March 20, it may be time for these two to make a statement or take it back to the drawing board.

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