Basketball Team Sports Lanyard Detachable with Clip - ID / Badge Holder ~  NEW | eBay

Sports Lanyards

Basketball Team Sports Lanyard Detachable with Clip - ID / Badge Holder ~  NEW | eBay

No game would be complete without a coach or referee blowing a whistle attached to her lanyard. Sports lanyards come in many different colors and lengths and are used for more than just whistles. They are great items to promote team and school spirit when imprinted with your school’s name, team name, or school colors.

Using Lanyards for Fundraisers

Sports lanyards make great fundraisers for groups, too. Customize them with your organization’s identity and colors and make a statement of pride for your team. Fans, parents, fellow students, and the community at large will be proud to wear them, so it is an easy sale. You can have a custom message printed or woven into them to promote your organization, too.

Kids like to wear them to hold keys on convenient hooks or split rings attached to the lanyards. Of course, you can also use them for press credentials, security badges, or badge wallets. Retractable lanyards can also be customized with your logo–that way, the wearers don’t have to remove the lanyards from around their necks when they need to use whatever is attached to them.

In addition to unlimited team colors, you can also find sports lanyards imprinted with sports designs. Go with a basketball motif, football theme, or tennis pattern and catch people’s attention. They’ll wonder where you got your unique lanyards, and will want to buy some for themselves.

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