5 Tips for Landscaping a Small Backyard

Many people feel that landscaping a small back yard is a challenge, but you can have a gorgeous yard even if your lot does not have a lot of space. The key to a landscape design for a small yard it to properly utilize all of the available space in an intelligent way, and keep everything on scale so the area does not look crowded. Use the following tips to create a fantastic yard when there is limited space:

Create a Container Garden

Small yards typically don’t have enough land to plant a dedicated garden, but container gardening is an excellent solution for those who have a green thumb. Container gardens add great visual appeal, and you can control the size of the different containers that you use. So many things can thrive in containers- vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers, or even trees grow well in containers. Before creating your container garden do some research to find out what types of plants and flowers grow well in your climate zone.

Give Your Yard a Focal Point

Drawing the eye to a specific focal point can make a statement and tie your landscape design together. One good option for a focal point is a fountain; they are visually appealing and many people find the sound of running water relaxing. Once you have a statement piece, you can continue your design around it to create an open, cohesive look.

Keep Furniture Size in Mind

Outdoor furniture provides a comfortable spot to sit and relax or dine al fresco. But big, bulky patio furniture can overwhelm a small yard and make it looked cramped and cluttered. When designing your yard, opt for smaller streamlined furniture that is more to scale for the size of the space. 

Use Vertical Space

If you don’t have a lot of room on the ground in your yard, utilize vertical space. Consider incorporating hanging planters or climbing vines on the walls to draw the eye up and make the yard feel bigger and more open. There are many options when it comes to using vertical space in a yard, but it’s a good idea to avoid anything too large, such as awnings, large outdoor umbrellas, or pergolas, that can overwhelm a small yard and make it feel cluttered.

Define the Space

A small back yard needs to be organized and designed carefully for the best results. Clearly define a seating area, a dining area, and a garden area in order to keep your yard from looking messy or disorganized. Consider using pavers, stone, or wood to create small patios or decks for each area.

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