Disney's All Star Sports Resort — Build A Better Mouse Trip

Review: Disney All Star Sports Resort

Disney's All Star Sports Resort — Build A Better Mouse TripDisney All-Star Sports Resort

3 out of 5 stars

Disney All Star Sports Resort located on the Disney property is one of the few value resorts available at Disney. While this resort isn’t the best that Disney has to offer, it’s good enough for the money you spend and the memories that you make.


Check In: 4:00pm

Check Out: Noon

The Disney All Star Sports Resort is a carbon copy of the other two all star resorts; movie and music, with a clear sports theme. The resort is divided up into five different buildings only three stories high and each having their own theme; Football, Basketball, Baseball, Surfing, and the main building themed with many different sports.

Upon arrival if you are traveling by car, there is a full gated parking available for free to guests at the resort. The main building located in the center, named Center Court and features the lobby, gift shop, video arcade, and food court/restaurant. I suggest trying to get a room as close to the main building as possible or you will be doing a lot of walking back and forth and the Disney property is very extensive. If you have small children, be sure to request the rooms closest to the elevators and to the main building and save yourself the hassle of the long walks and cranky children.

The rooms are on the small side but were clean and comfortable although there was nothing special about them. You could defiantly feel the theme of the movie that decorated the entire room. It was bright and fun and very Disney. The walls a little bit thin and we could hear just about everything the other room was doing. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you plan to be at the parks most of the day, all you really need is a place to sleep at night. If you do plan to spend a couple of days at the hotel lounging at the pool then I suggest upgrading to a moderate resort for a better experience.

Unfortunately one of the disadvantages to all the value resorts at Disney is that there is no free WiFi internet available, although Internet is available for an additional fee. Also since this is a value resort we expected housekeeping to be just okay like in the other two all-star resorts we had stayed in but for some reason it was the exact opposite at the all-star sports. The housekeeping was always friendly and on top of their game.

If you enjoy running in the mornings, I suggest you take a jog through the trail that goes around the entire All-Star complex. It’s very serene yet entertaining at the same time and was a great way to get the day started.

For the children there are a variety of activities, such as a playground and there are two pools available on the property, one themed like a beach with a pool shaped like a surf board and sandy areas. The other smaller is shaped pool is themed as a baseball diamond. As is usual at all Disney resorts, they offer several wonderful childcare services for your children.

There is only one food court available at this resort with typical American for around $15 and under. It is located in Center Court and is reminiscent of a sports bar place with scoreboards and current sports games playing on the television screens. . While not a full service restaurant, the food is pretty good and is made right in front of you. This will keep you under budget while satisfying everyone’s taste buds. This is typical Disney and everything is smaller portioned and overpriced for the amount of food you get, but that’s just something you’ll get use to throughout the Disney parks as well. A quick and helpful tip you are staying with a large family for an extended time, a money saving tip would be to purchase a Disney Cup for around $12. This allowed you to refill the cup as many times as you want with whatever beverage you wanted the whole length of your stay. There are multiple cleaning stations near the filling stations so you have a chance to clean out your cup, this is not exclusive to just this specific resort. You can fill up at any of the three All-Star resort locations that are more convenient to you at the time.

Better quality restaurants are available at Pleasure Island which is only a quick bus trip away if you are looking for different types of cuisine.

Getting around the Disney is fast and easy as transportation throughout the parks is complementary and the buses come quickly and often. If you happen to come during peak vacation season, you might be forced to wait awhile for the buses as there are only three stops along the All-Star resort complex and therefore the buses fill up quickly. If you want to be guaranteed to get on the bus, then I suggest you head for the stop at All-Star Music, which is the first but it a couple of minutes walk.

All in all while the resort is just okay in my opinion, you are able to full take in the Disney experience of excellent customer service for a budget that best suits you family. Out of all the value resorts available at Disney, this would be my second choice behind All-Star Music.

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