10 Best Pump-Up Songs for Sports

The Top 10 Sports Songs

10 Best Pump-Up Songs for SportsMusic and sports have long gone hand in hand. From stadium anthems to pump up the crowd to sing-alongs belted out with one’s friends upon a victory, music is perfect accompaniment for some of our fondest sports memories.

Here are the top 10 sports songs of all time:

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

If Queen didn’t write this song especially for raucous crowds to chant along to, it inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect way to pump up the home crowd and get into the minds of the opposing team, with it’s stomping, clamping, wall shaking chant-along. This may go down as the top sports song of all time, but it definitely warrants inclusion on any top 10 sports songs list.

“Sirius/Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project

Unique to the Chicago Bulls home basketball games for years, the arpeggiated, analogue synth pattern that opened “Sirius” when the lights went totally dark, save for a single spotlight, at the old Chicago Stadium and the current United Center literally sent chills down Bulls fans’ spines during Bulls player introductions, and it didn’t hurt that a certain number 23 was the last player announced. Without a doubt, this was the most awe-inspiring player introduction spectacle in sports, and a sight not to be missed by any sports fan during the Bulls’ six championships in the 1990s.

“Rock and Roll, Pt. 2” by Gary Glitter

Written and performed by glam rock artist Gary Glitter long before he got busted for soliciting children in the Far East, which put a temporary tarnish on this shining stadium anthem before it made a resurgence (we are a forgiving bunch of sports fans, after all), the somewhat odd, avant-garde song, with it’s chant of “Hey!” is perfect for an NBA time-out when the home team has made an incredible come-back or gone on a surge to show the opposing team who’s boss. This song elevates the crowd to a fever pitch before the action resumes on the court.

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

You have to give Freddy Mercury credit: the guy could write great songs for sporting events. With it’s throbbing baseline and understated yet cool chorus, this top 10 sports song allows the home crowd to bask in the glow of yet another, not unexpected victory.

“YMCA” by The Village People

This ubiquitous song works in almost any situation where the fans need to get on their feet, stretch, and do a collective dance while spelling out letters with their arms. Whether the home team is winning or losing, this is a safe, fun, and fan-friendly tune for almost any sport, making it one of the top 10 sports songs.

“Song 2” by Blur

With its goofy yet very catchy chorus refrain of “Woohoo!” on top of rocking guitars, this short ditty from the UK group Blur is perfect for pumping up the crowd before the opening kick-off or jump ball. Plus, it’s easy for the kids in the stands to learn. The verses are largely unintelligible, but it just doesn’t matter with a chorus like that!

“Centerfield” by John Fogerty

Played in minor league baseball stadiums around the U.S. for decades, this song, written and performed by the former vocalist of Credence Clearwater Revival, captures the essence of America’s pastime and bridges the generation gap between parents from the hippie era and Little Leaguers hitting the diamond for the first game of the season. Within the rock-country groove, Fogerty also offers a nice nod to some of the game’s greats, like Say Hey Willie, Ty Cobb, and Joe DiMaggio.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Offering one of the most energizing, memorable guitar riffs in music history, not just in sports, this classic from the movie Rocky 3 is fitting for many sports, not just boxing. Providing an instant adrenaline rush for any sports fan or athlete, this song gears the crowd up for the ultimate competitive showdown, making it an easy choice for this top 10 sports songs list.

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” by Jack Norworth

While many sports fans don’t realize they are only singing the chorus to this century-old favorite for baseball’s seventh inning stretch, this enduring tune brings generations and stadiums together, no matter for which team the fans are rooting. If baseball were to have an official song, this is the obvious choice, and due to its taking the crown for the oldest song sung at a sporting event, it demands placement on the list of top 10 sports songs.

“We are the Champions” by Queen

Achieving the trifecta (or is it scoring the hat trick?), Queen crafted the most emotionally touching victory song of all time. After a long season and many hard-fought victories to take the crown, both fans and athletes alike can exude relief at being able to finally rest after reaching the pinnacle of sports: a world championship. Perfect for any team sport champion, whether in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball, this beautiful sing-along is a must for any top 10 sports songs compilation.


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