The Best Sports & Performances Cars Of The 2010s

The Top Ten Sports Cars of the Decade

The Best Sports & Performances Cars Of The 2010sEveryone admires sports cars as they speed by but which ten sports cars make the cut for best of the decade? Read on to find out.

1- Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spider – With such a sweet ride, this car easily makes the cut for best sports cars. The Spider has a 10 cylinder engine that gives you unimaginable power. Think about what that could do for your commute.

2- Lexus LFA – This car makes other cars jealous, with its sharp, sporty lines. While it has a bit of a price tag, true sports car fans don’t let that stop them.

3- Lamborghini LP 570-4 Superlegga – With a top speed of 325 mph, the Superlegga screams look at me. The Superlegga makes driving sheer pleasure.

4- Saturn Sky – This sports car is no longer produced but I believe it is one of the coolest cars this decade. While it can’t rival a Ferrari, this car is just a great sports car all around.

5- Ferrari 599 GTB – This car not only looks good, it handles like a dream also. It has a V-12 Engine that gives speeds up to 330MPH. That’s fast!

6- Chevy Corvette – A car that will endure throughout the decades as a true American sports car. With many different models, this car ranges from moderately affordable to pricy. This car gives a great driving experience every time.

7- Ford Mustang – This car struts its stuff all the time. While some people may disagree that this is a sports car, it makes the cut in my book for not only being a powerful ride, but it gives instant status to those driving it. It is moderately priced so it can fit into most people’s budgets and it also gives the added value of good gas mileage.

8- Mazda RX-8 Sport – The RX-8 Sport makes the list because this a sports car that holds more people while still looking sharp. It is a moderately priced car that makes driving a pleasure.

9- INFINITI G COUPE 37 – The Infiniti G Coupe 37 makes everyone stare. It is a moderately priced car that gives a good value and has a cool image.

10- NISSAN 370Z COUPE Base – This car can take on any challenge with its sleek lines and great performance. Drive it once and you’ll be hooked forever!

These are the sports cars on my top ten list, which sports cars are on yours?

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