Making Your Website Rank High in Searches

Ten ways to increase SEO and drive traffic to your website

In order to work your way to the top of the search engine rankings. You will need to make your site more search engine friendly. Each search engine scans pages looking for specific phrases and keywords so that it knows how to display your site in its searches properly. It may take a little research, but find out what each search engine likes. Do not think that one search engine will do it. Figure out how to make your website friendly to all search engines.

Your ranking in the search engines will be determined by how appropriate the search engine feels your website is to a specific keyword or phrase. You have to use the best SEO for the price. You will also have to use the keyword or phrase throughout your tags and body text. Most search engines have a 6% rule. You don’t want to overdo the whole keyword thing or else the search engine will flag your site. Make sure that the title and each of the paragraphs on your page contain your keywords or keyphrases without overdoing it.

Once you have submitted your pages it is really easy to forget about them. Do not fall victim to this. You still need to get your page indexed and ranked as high as you can. Check your rankings frequently. Search each of the engines for your keywords and phrases and see where your page ranks. Do not make changes to your page until you know how your site ranks. If you are in the first page, ranked number 10 or so, there is no reason for you to change your content. If you are ranked number 250 you will definitely need to consider a change. In fact, consider a lot of change.

An important thing to remember is to keep resubmitting your pages. Use this strategy of resubmitting until your site gets indexed. A good rule of thumb is to resubmit them about once a week. Another good thing to remember is to resubmit your page when it begins to lose its ranking.

If you find that resubmitting your page does not work. Go over your site and change a few things to optimize it for the engine that it is failing in. Your goal should be the top ten in as many engines as possible. Never stop checking your page ranking. This is very important to the success of your site. Keep up on it.

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