Today we made a list of NBA players who have won this prestigious award. This award is given to a player who most “exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship on the court with ethical behavior, fair play, and integrity. Although many of this players may come as a surprise, they did change through the years.


Here is a List of the players who have been awarded this award once in their career:

  1. Ray Allen
  2. Chauncey Billups
  3. Elton Brand
  4. Terrell Brandon
  5. P.J. Brown
  6. Stephen Curry
  7. Luol Deng
  8. Joe Dumars
  9. Hersey Hawkins
  10. Avery Johnson
  11. Kyle Korver
  12. David Robinson
  13. Steve Smith
  14. Eric Snow


Two NBA player have been awarded this award two time. One of them is current Bucks coach Jason Kidd.  Kidd retired second all-time in the NBA in both assists and steals behind John Stockton. Also Five times he led the NBA in assists. His 107 career triple-doubles are third all-time, trailing only Hall of Famers Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson. Although he was a one of the best point-guards, he did have some dirty moments. But the 2011-12 and 2012-2013 where his best in this category. One with Dallas and one also with Knicks.

The second player to have been awarded this award two times and last season winner is Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley Jr.. Conley Jr. was awarded this in 2013-14 and also last season(2015-16). He also signed the greates contract ever signed by a NBA player.

Here is a video from his teammates and himself:



There is only one player that has been awarded this award 3 times and his name is Grant Hill. He was awarded this award in 2004-05 with the Orlando Magic, and 2007-08 and also in 2009-10 with the Phoenix Suns.While playing college basketball at Duke, he was the 1994 ACC Player of the Year, a two-time NCAA All-American, and also two-time NCAA champion. As a professional he was also the 1995 NBA co-Rookie of the Year, and was a seven-time NBA All-Star, five-time All-NBA selection.

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