We were thinking of starting (countdown of all-time Starting 5 for every team) something like this for some time. But we didn’t know what so we decided to the All-Time Starting 5. We will try to this everyday with different team for the next 30 days. We continue the All time Starting 5 with the Dallas Mavericks.

Point Guard– Jason Kidd

All-Time Starting 5: Dallas Mavericks

It’s an easy choice, really, if you throw out (and you don’t even have to do that) his first stint as a Maverick, which ended badly. Any time a player can return to his original franchise and make the adjustments needed. And vastly improve a critical part of his game (3-pt shooting) to lead it to its only championship. That also player should rank at the top of the list. And that’s saying something, with Harp and Nash around here.

It’s odd that Kidd was supposed to be the franchise’s savior in 1994, some 17 years before he would eventually fulfill that obligation. Kidd, never known for his shooting up until the 2010-11 season, morphed into what the Mavericks’ had always needed at point guard. Someone who could facilitate (and man, could Kidd facilitate), defend at a high level and shoot a high percentage from deep.

Shooting Guard – Rolando Blackman

All-Time Starting 5: Dallas Mavericks

Blackman’s name carries heavy weight in Big D along with other greats of the 80s such as Aguirre (though, without the drama) and Brad Davis. If you know the history of the Mavericks’ darkest years, then you’ll have all the more respect for a player who slipped in the draft and stuck with Dallas for 11 years and averaged nearly 20 points. He also played a big role in helping the Mavericks completely reverse their fortunes and become a regular playoff contender in the latter part of the decade by being a wonderful complement to Aguirre.

Small Forward – Mark Aguirre

All-Time Starting 5: Dallas Mavericks

I’ll agree with popular sentiment here simply because the Mavericks’ are utterly lacking in big name forwards outside of That Dude in the last 25 years. Aguirre nearly single-handedly lifted Dallas from the doldrums of the mid-80s and put up nearly 25-6 numbers during the Mavericks’ playoff runs.

Although I’m focusing primarily on impact and not numbers here, Aguirre’s numbers are incredible. He holds several Dallas single-season scoring records and ranks third on the all-time scoring list. He averaged nearly 30 points a game during the 1983-84 season. His time her was tempestuous, as was Ray Tarpley’s, which keeps him off this list. (I’m not worrying about the 3 vs. the 4 and all that here. Aguirre plus the next guy … works.)

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