Here is a look at the five best running backs in Dallas Cowboys’ history, five men who were proof that they were just as important to the team winning as anyone on the team.

Emmitt Smith

Top 5 running backs in Cowboys’ history

Smith came to the Cowboys in 1990 and played with the team for 13 seasons. Along the way, he was an eight-time Pro Bowl player, four time All-Pro, four-time NFL rushing leader and played on three Super Bowl teams. When he retired, he had 18,355 rushing yards and remains the NFL all-time rushing leader.

Tony Dorsett

Top 5 running backs in Cowboys’ history

Dorsett was the only player to win the national title and Heisman Trophy and then the Super Bowl championship and NFL Rookie of the Year in back-to-back seasons. Sadly, Dorsett came in at the end of Roger Staubach’s career, she he only got one Super Bowl win, but finished his career with 12,739 yards. He was the Cowboys all-time rushing leader until Smith broke his record.

Herschel Walker

Top 5 running backs in Cowboys’ history

Walker was drafted to be Dorsett’s replacement in the Cowboys backfield and was great with the Cowboys, but he only played there for four seasons, although he returned for two more before he retired in 1997. With the Cowboys, Walker ran for 3,389 in those first four seasons and finished his career with 8,225 rushing yards. However, he is best known as the player that Dallas traded to the Minnesota Vikings for five players and six draft picks, which brought them Emmitt Smith.

Calvin Hill

Top 5 running backs in Cowboys’ history

Calvin Hill was one of the most explosive running backs in Dallas Cowboys history for the six seasons he played there. He wasn’t even a starter when he arrived in Dallas, but competed and won the job and never let it go. In his Cowboys career, he ran for 5,009 yards. He went on to play for six more seasons, but his best year after Dallas only saw him run for 301 yards.

DeMarco Murray

Top 5 running backs in Cowboys’ history

The Cowboys drafted DeMarco Murray with their third round pick in 2011. He struggled to stay healthy through his tenure in Dallas, but was one of only two running backs since Emmitt Smith retired to actually run for over 1,000 yards. He finished his four seasons in Dallas with 4,536 yards and is the new Cowboys’ single-season record holder with 1,845 yards in 2014.

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