Over the past decade there have been some interesting guys who were picked in the second round of the NBA drafts, so we took our time to make a list of who we though were the best picks in the second round over the past decade. We also hope you will enjoy it.

First we start with the  Honorable mentions: Omer Asik No. 36 in 2008; Will Barton No. 40 in 2012; Patrick Beverley No. 42 in 2009; Mario Chalmers No. 34 in 2008; Jordan Clarkson No. 46 in 2014; Allen Crabbe No. 31 in 2013; Jae Crowder No. 34 in 2012; Dante Cunningham No. 33 in 2009; Nikola Jokic No. 41 in 2014; Carl Landry No. 31 in 2007; Patty Mills No. 55 in 2009; Nikola Pekovic No. 31 in 2008; Lance Stephenson No. 40 in 2010.

10) Khris Middleton, No. 39 in 2012

Top 10 Second round picks of the last Decade

Perhaps the least-known current leading scorer for an NBA team, the Milwaukee shooting guard ranked tied for 28th in the NBA in scoring in 2015-16, putting up 18.2 points per game. Also the Texas A&M product upped his average by nearly five points per game, though the Bucks took a step back after a surprising playoff berth in 2015.

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