In an attempt to further improve their roster, the latest NBA trade rumors hinted that the Los Angeles Lakers might bring in the Golden State Warriors’ point guard Shaun Livingston next summer. Reports claimed that the Lakers are planning to bring in many talented players in their team to improve their gameplay and give a tough competition to other teams in the Western Conference league.

iSport Times reported that the Lakers and Warriors trade might be one of the blockbuster deals as it will help the former team to freeze their top position in the NBA league. To add on to the rumors, it is stated that the Warriors’ Livingston and the Lakers head coach Luke Walton are touted to have close relations. This has indicated that Walton will push for Livingston trade in the next offseason.

Pointing towards Walton’s great chemistry with Livingston, the trade rumors suggested that even Livingston might be willing to sign a deal with Lakers next year in order to give a boost to his NBA career. Also, the fact that the Warriors’ point guard will become an unrestricted free agent has further increased the chances of Livingston and Lakers deal.

Furthermore, it is stated that Livingston will improve the Lakers frontcourt with his both offensive and defensive skills. Also, the 30-year-old player’s average of 6.3 points and 2.2 rebounds per game is rumored to improve the Los Angeles Lakers onboard statistics.

Besides, Fansided stated that Livingston’s on-court instincts, decisions, and smart play tactics are influential and it might thus help the Lakers’ young players to improve their game.

On the contrary, few reports claimed that the Golden State Warriors might not give away their point guard so easily. Rumors hinted that Livingston shares a great on-court chemistry with Stephen Curry, which is expected to further prompt the Warriors to chalk out a perfect deal for Livingston and thus, try and retain him by extending his contract.

However, there is no official confirmation on the rumored trades. Keep posted here for more updates and the latest NBA trade rumors.

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