The Green Bay Packers will allow quarterback Aaron Rodgers to play this week’s game in San Francisco. That would be his first action of the preseason.

Rodgers sat out the Packers’ first two preseason games. With the emphasis on not getting injured, that isn’t terribly surprising. However, if Rodgers plays in just one preseason game — as most people expect — it would be the first time in his career he’s gotten so little exhibition game action.

“Aaron has been very sharp in practice,” assistant head coach Tom Clements said. “We haven’t discussed what the exact playtime will be, but I’m sure he’ll play. I anticipate that he’ll be sharp. But really you have to be moving around quicker than you do in practice. It tests your stamina a little bit more; you have to get used to that. You have to get used to — get reacclimated to the speed of the game because as I said it’s different than practice. But at this point it’s like riding a bike: You’ve been there, you’ve done it, you know how to do it and you just have to go in and practice it a little bit and get ready.”

What we’re really interested in seeing is not whether Rodgers can still play football. We’re pretty sure he can.

What will be valuable is Rodgers getting time with guys he’s yet to get any game time with.

How do these receivers look when someone besides Joe Callahan is throwing them the ball? Tight end Jared Cook has looked great, but will he mesh well with Rodgers?

That’s what we want to know. Friday, assuming everyone is on the same page, we’ll finally get a glimpse.

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