The injury sustained by Julian Edelman to his surgically repared left foot Tuesday morning is not believed to be serious, according to a source.

Edelman appeared to aggravate the foot early in practice against the Saints after a series of explosive repetitions.The Patriots wide receiver left the practice field in disgust, throwing his helmet aside before sitting in a cart for an extended checkup with Patriots trainer Jim Whalen. He left the field at 10:35 a.m., walking off a back hill.

This was Edelman’s second full practice back since undergoing April surgery on the foot, which he originally hurt last November in a win over the Giants. That surgery — to strengthen the integrity of the area and the implanted screw — came after an initial operation immediately after suffering the injury.

Edelman’s return to the practice field came well before a receiver with a similar injury and two surgeries — the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant — returned from his broken foot.

While the initial optimism is that Edelman should be okay, whether that means okay for training camp or okay for the regular season is clearly not yet known. Additionally, in so many instances an injured player needs about 24 hours to let the area settle before doctors can ascertain the condition.