Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave some health-related updates Monday on “The Dale Jr. Download” podcast, including a revelation that his doctors think his latest concussion occurred at Michigan on June 12 and that his plan for the future “is to race more.”


“The symptoms have sort of plateaued,” Earnhardt Jr. revealed. “There are days when I feel like that the balance is better and then there’s certainly moments when it’s not. ”


NASCAR’s most popular wheelman is itching to return to the track, too. Earnhardt missed the past three races after experiencing concussion-related symptoms. Jeff Gordon filled Junior’s seat in the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Pocono Raceway. Alex Bowman replaced Junior at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

“I’m very impatient and I want change now and I want improvement now,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “I’m constantly texting my doctor. (I told him), ‘tell me you can fix this.’ ”


Here are more quotes from the podcast:

— “My doctor’s don’t want me sleeping much.
… (I) can’t be lazy and laying around all day.”
— “The balance is up and down. The main issue that I have is called gaze stability. That’s the main problem and that is, what I believe, is tied to the balance.”
— ” … the problem is with my eye being able to fix on an object from a great distance. That’s the problem, when I move my head, I lose the object that I’m trying to target.”
— “It’s only been three weeks since I really first got checked out so that’s really a short span of time in the grand scheme of things.”
— “I have to follow their (the doctors) orders with everything they want me to do and hope that over time that’s going to make a difference.”
— “This particular time, my doctor wants me to expose myself to situations that drive the symptoms. And that would be going places that I’m super unfamiliar with. Even going over to JR Motorsports just on a weekday drives the symptoms up.”
— “You don’t even realize you have anxiety until it affects you. I didn’t think I had much anxiety in my life. … Just the simple things you take for granted.”
— “He (the physician) wants me to go to the grocery store with Amy. He wants me to live my life.”


— “The hardest thing to understand is what’s most important in life.”


— “I’m not a doctor. So I have to lean on the professionals I’m working with. When I first went to get checked out, we went through every single test. We went through every possible issue from inner ear, blood tests, checked for Lyme disease. Everything we could think of.”


— “They seem to really feel confident that this occurred in Michigan. I’ve never had a concussion that came on weeks after the event. Most of them you feel it immediately and they sort of get better over time. So this has been the opposite. This is scary for me because of the way it’s been different.”

— “In my mind, my plan is to race more.”


— “You go to bed at night hoping you’re going to be able to wake up the next morning and tell a difference. That drives you absolutely crazy.”

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