Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has strongly denied reports that the club are preparing to sell defender Mamadou Sakho, suggesting there is no big issue between him and the player.

After several disciplinary issues surrounding the player during the club’s tour to the US, including being late to several team meet ups and flights across the country, Klopp decided to send the player home to continue his rehabilitation on an achilles injury.

However, when speaking to  Sky Sports, the German coach insisted it was simply a quick-fire decision which has no implications for the future of the 26-year-old defender: “Come on, it’s not (like that). Three times late, do you think I should (sell him)?”

“No, it’s an issue – it’s not the biggest thing, it’s not the smallest thing – it’s how football works.”

“We have a few rules; a few from me, a few from the team.”

“When you want a great team then you have to do some things – if you don’t do it then I have to react.”

“I reacted – but nothing else. He missed three things he should not have missed, that is all, and that is why I sent him home.”

Klopp also added that he is a huge admirer of Sakho, and that this was the last thing he wanted to see happen, but suggested that he can’t always be the nice guy to the players: “Mama is not a bad guy, he’s a good person.”

“You can believe I didn’t want to do things like this, I like to be a nice guy until I can’t be a nice guy any more.”

“So he’s at home, we are here; we train here, he trains there. When we come to Liverpool again, then we’ll have a talk and we’ll see.”

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