Even if you are not a huge MLB fan, you must have heard about the bad season the New York Yankees are having. Many would agree that one of the main reasons has been Alex Rodriguez’s performance.

It has not been an easy for Joe Girardi and the New York Yankees, as their aging roster has struggled this season. After making the playoffs as one of the two Wild Card teams last season, the Yankees got off to a slow start in the beginning of the season and have never recovered.

Last season, Alex Rodriguez was a major contributor to the Yankees, as he was able to exceed all expectations with a great season. This season, Rodriguez has been hurt and has struggled at the plate leaving Girardi in a tough place. If his name wasn’t Rodriguez and he wasn’t making more than $20 million dollars this season, it would be an entirely different discussion about what to do with a struggling hitter that can’t play in the field. However, due to those reasons, Rodriguez will continue to have a roster spot on the Yankees.

“I think other clubs do that,” he said, sitting in the dugout at Progressive Field before a game vs. the Indians to Brendan Kuty of NJ.com. “It’s still one of the nine spots that are on the field that day. Whether it’s a guy that’s a platoon guy. If that’s what we have, that’s what we have. We go day by day.”

Despite being benched, Rodriguez has stayed upbeat and is preparing for the next opportunity that he is given.

“You want players to believe in themselves,” Girardi said to Kuty. “That’s a big part of being successful in life. You have to believe in yourself.”

There might be a lot of change before the trade deadline on the Yankees’ roster which might get Rodriguez some more at-bats in the second half of the season, but as of now, he will essentially be a platoon designated hitter.

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