Top 10 Daytona 500 moments

Top 10 Daytona 500 moments

Despite its humble grassroots beginnings, big strides were being made as the 21st annual DAYTONA 500 was to become the first NASCAR event to be broadcast live flag-to-flag.

1. 1998 – A Legend is Cemented

The Call: ”20 years of trying, 20 years of frustration. Dale Earnhardt will come to the caution flag to win the DAYTONA 500, Finally!” –Mike Joy 
For a driver that had accomplished it all, Victory Lane at the DAYTONA 500 was the only accolade that had eluded The Intimidator. After several close calls, Earnhardt finally found redemption along the famous tri-oval in his 20th try.
Perhaps the most memorable moments came shortly following the race as, in a display unprecedented to this day, every man on every crew came out to the edge of pit lane to congratulate the legendary driver.