The 21st instalment of the Lingerie Fighting Championships were held over the weekend to the delight of MMA fans the world over.

The delightfully engrossing trailer for the competition features some of the organisation’s top brawlers, including Valkyrie – a green-eyed stunner with red hair who fights in white underwear with black thigh-high stockings – and Hammer – a stunning busty blonde who currently reigns supreme as LFC champion.

Started in 2012, the LFC is described by organisers as “MMA like you’ve never seen it before”.

Rules of the LFC are similar to the UFC, with one exception: no hair pulling.

Lingerie Fighting Championships match

Strip teases aren’t uncommon at the weigh-ins as fighters compete to get the audience onside before the battles begin.

While many of the fighters are undeniably easy on the eye, their beauty belies the brutality of the action in the ring.

The tournament’s website claims that nearly five million people tuned in to the 20th edition of the championships, while this year’s showdown in Nice, California, was billed as featuring “some of the most exciting match-ups in modern lingerie MMA history”.

Two LFC fighters having a scrap

NO HOLDS BARRED: The fights often come with the same brutality expected in the UFC

Fighters enter the arena in various states of undress, from sexy underwear to skimpy skirts, before proceeding to bludgeon each other into submission in a series of bruising bust-ups.

Highlight bouts on the LFC21 card included Roxy “Roundhouse” Michaels making her LFC debut and reigning LFC Champion Feather “Hammer” Hadden defending her title against Allie “Baby Doll” Parks.


Feather The Hammer Hadden

AND STILL CHAMPION: Feather “The Hammer” Hadden defeated challenger Allie “Baby Doll” Parks

Feather “The Hammer” Hadden emerged victorious in front of a packed crowd at the Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino to increase her impressive winning record to 20-1.

Organisers have come under fire in the past after sports bosses criticised the sexualisation of female athletes in the competition.

But Shaun Donnelly, CEO of the LFC, hit back at the accusation.

He said: “While I don’t believe there’s anything sexist about LFC I always find it funny that these stories are always accompanied by as many of our photos as can fit.

“Oh, showing women in lingerie is sexist! Here’s a photo. Isn’t it awful? Here’s another.”

Last month, the organisation announced a partnership with television network TUFF TV to produce a 10-episode reality series documenting the lives of LFC fighters.

It looks as though the LFC is here to stay.