Raheem Sterling has recently hogged the limelight with a string of poor performance for his national side in the Euro 2016.

Most of the England fans have a very clear solution to this problem and many have even signed a petition to send him back home! However, most of them don’t know that Raheem himself had anticipated such a situation after a poor season at Manchester City where Manuel Pellegrini lost confidence in him and left him out of the starting XI in most occasions.

Raheem Sterling had been to psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters to uplift his confidence and make the most of Euro 2016. The visits are not yet fruitful and he might need to make another visit or change the psychiatrist maybe!

Dr. Steve Peters has been with the Three Lions since March, 2014 and he has constantly bolstered the squad. Even a layman would correctly guess that he has a tough job in hand to handle the likes of Raheem Sterling, Wayne Rooney and others who fall in the same category of under-performing English stars. The list has always been long for the English Football Team.

The effects of his work were predominantly visible when Sterling was involved in both the goals vs Australia in the warm up matches. However, Raheem’s form has nosedived in the Euro matches and he might lose his starting spot in today’s game against Slovakia.

Today’s game might turn a few heads as Slovakia captain Martin Skrtel will lock horns with an English team brimming with current Liverpool teammates. Raheem being a special case as he departed from Liverpool to win trophies! We can expect a situation similar to when Daniel Agger faced Fernando Torres after the latter switched to Chelsea for the same reason – to win trophies!

Skrtel has already declared that he will not treat Daniel Sturridge as his teammate but as an opponent and will lunge his leg to kick him if required! Someone save Raheem Sterling!