As surfers, we love to travel. Chasing the dream of perfect waves with no one out is maybe the most overused cliché out there. But it’s based in truth. Travel is fun, and its good for you. Interacting with new people that might speak a different language, trying new foods, seeing new sights, and maybe scoring some fun waves make us better people.

Unfortunately, traveling costs money. But thanks to Kayak’s Explore feature it doesn’t have to break the bank. Kayak Explore is the travel site’s best kept secret. That’s because it’s difficult to navigate to from the site’s home page. But if you type into your browser, up comes a pretty powerful tool.

It allows you to enter your home airport, the time of year you’d like to travel, and price range, and up pops a world map with all of the options that fit within your specifications.

Below we curated the top five places you can fly to right now for under $400 (from LAX).

1. Nicaragua ($259)


Fly in to Managua, and you’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from some seriously fun beach breaks. Playa Colorado is probably one of the most famous, and as a result one of the most crowded, but a little exploring goes a long way in Nica. In the southern coastal zone, wind that blows off of Lake Nicaragua means offshore winds 330 days of the year–sculpting waves into feathering, pumping tubes.

2. Cabo, Mexico ($311)

Not quite Indo, Cabo’s not known for world class waves. But, with a handful of decent right point breaks on offer, and the blinking neon-lined streets of downtown Cabo San Lucas promising all kinds of night-time entertainment, a Cabo surf trip is an experience. And just a short plane ride from Southern California, you could get a morning session in a full suit and an evening session in boardshorts, with time to spare for happy hour at Squid Roe.