DISTURBING footage captured using a police body camera shows the moment that an aspiring MMA fighter was paralysed from the chest down by irate officers during a routine arrest.

Donovan Duran sustained traumatic injury to his spinal cord and fractured his neck after being thrown from an SUV while handcuffed by a sergeant from La Junta Police Department, Colorado, US.

The 25-year-old has now filed a lawsuit against the officer, Vince Fraker and La Junta PD, seeking unspecified damages for the injuries sustained in the altercation.

“The video shows how unjustly they did me that night,” Duran said.

“I couldn’t finish it. It was too hard. Too much for me.”

Duran being thrown to the ground

SHOCKING: Duran being thrown to the ground on his head while handcuffed

The upsetting clip shows Sergeant Fraker dragging Duran out of the patrol car, who lands awkwardly on his head and neck on the pavement.

“Get up!” an officer can be heard yelling as Duran lies on the concrete outside the Arkansas Valley Medical Centre.

After realising Duran is unable to stand, Fraker goes into the hospital to retrieve a wheelchair into which Duran’s limp body is lifted.

After he slumps over in the wheelchair, the officer grabs Duran by the neck, forcing him upright as he is taken inside the hospital before being restrained to a bed inside the facility.

Duran on the ground

EXCESSIVE: Officers use their bodyweight to pin a knee into Duran’s back as he lays down