The tight end position has always been one of the most challenging to play in the NFL. Not necessarily because it’s the most important, but because it requires such a dynamic skill set that few positions ask of players. Although it’s changed dramatically over the years, tight ends have always had to be big enough to block powerful defensive ends, smart enough to understand blocking schemes, yet they also have to have great hands to catch passes down the middle of the field. The great ones possess that rare combination of size, athleticism and pass-catching ability.

Like Rob Gronkowski. Who is a behemoth, standing at 6-foot-6, 265 pounds. But also boasts some of the best hands in the league.

With his towering, big-bodied frame and speed, it’s no surprise that Gronk is among the best players in the league today. But he’s arguably the greatest player at his position in NFL history.

Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots will be the cover athlete for the next version of Madden.

Yes, he’s only played six seasons. Yes, his numbers are nowhere close to those of Tony Gonzalez. But he’s still among the best tight ends to ever step foot on an NFL field.

What’s more, at just 27 years old, Gronkowski has plenty more productive and dominant seasons ahead of him.