The Cavs have stunk up the NBA Finals, and the Factory of Sadness Voice of the Fan is wondering if they’ll even win one game.

The question now is not whether the Cavaliers will win the Championship, it’s will they win one game. From what I forced myself to watch in Game 2, the answer is no.

Judging by body language and actions I’ve season, this team is giving up. LeBron is  standing around looking for any kind of help with that all-too familiar “give up look” in his eyes!

 I just don’t understand how Tyron Lue can keep using this stand still, dribble- dribble the clock away and end up forcing up bad shots! They weren’t just off their game the last two games they flat out didn’t have an answer!

The Cavs didn’t use any motion to speak of and their bread and butter pick-and-rolls must’ve been forgotten in Cleveland. They just ran up the white flag–although it didn’t matter to Golden State in their 33-point Game 2 victory.

This offensive approach didn’t work last year and it’s looking worse now. How do you explain three or four players standing still on the three point line motionless and either James or Irving trying to dribble drive by three or more defenders and losing the basketball as its stolen by a Warrior?

And now to top it off Kevin love is undergoing concussion protocol after yet another missed foul on a Warrior by the referees!

The Warriors are hard enough to beat with five players on the court. But with eight (3 refs), the Cavs have zero chance. The zebras have been terrible with their calls and lack there of!!

It’s not looking good for Northeast Ohio! Unless something chances drastically and let us pray that it does, Cleveland will, like always, be waiting for next year.