The latest buzz about NBA trade this year suggests that a couple of teams have their sights on Jahlil Okafor. The Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs are looking to nab the 20-year-old center player of Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers have announced their plans to trade either Okafor or its power forward Nerlens Noel. The team holds the No. 1 overall selection (a first in two decades) for this year’s trade and is willing to let go of either of the two.

According to Sportsrageous, Spurs should not miss the opportunity to get Okafor, a young face who will be of great help even to its predominantly veteran lineup.

Okafor has a pretty wicked record for last season, landing second among rookies in scoring and offensive rebounds, third in rebounding and fourth in blocks.

Spurs, on the other hand, is expected to let go of one of its old hands, with 28-year-old Danny Green being their best trade asset.

NBA trade rumors 2016 Spurs and Lakers competing for 76ers center Jahlil Okafor

Apart from Spurs, NBA trade rumors suggest that the Lakers may also go for Okafor. Ever since the retirement of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, the trade hasn’t been more vital to the team.

Okafor has impressed the Lakers once, so with the Sixers superstar at the trading block, the team may finally make it official and have Okafor hop on board.

Media outlets see the Lakers using their second draft at the NBA trade draft on Okafor, with their first pick expected to end up with either Brandon Ingram of Duke University or Ben Simmons of Louisiana State University.

Speaking of Simmons, Philly is reporting that Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown might be considering Simmons for the team. Brown has been in the sport long enough that he coached the Simmons patriarch and Ben’s father David Simmons.

“Think of just, and we’ve talked about, the unusual circumstance to end up where I have personally ended up with the history that I’ve had with the family and the coaches that have coached him,” Brown said of Simmons.

“I know very, very closely the people that have worked with him across the board. That’s just one of the benefits of living in the country and 20 minutes from where he grew up, for 17 years,” he continued.

Brown also has his eye on Ingram, Buddy Hield from Oklahoma Kris Dunn of Providence.