Trash talk is defined as insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate or humiliate someone.

In sports, it is very common for athletes to jaw back and forth at each other. They do it to try to get inside an opponent’s head, to force them to make a mistake or lose their control.

In the world of mixed martial arts, that can be deadly, as you can quickly be knocked out or submitted.

Let’s take a look at the ten greatest trash talkers in MMA history.

10. Jorge Rivera

Before Jorge Rivera’s fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 127, people thought of Rivera as a quiet, mild-mannered fighter.

But when you face off with Michael Bisping, more often than not, you will get into a war of words.

Rivera and the Ranger Up team created numerous videos to mock Bisping, and they worked to a science.

The video above wasn’t supposed to come out until the pre-fight show, but was leaked early. This video took this feud to another level, and cemented Rivera on this list.

9. Matt Serra

When you hail from New York, trash talking is in your blood.

The Long Island native was embroiled in one of the most bitter feuds in UFC history with former welterweight champion Matt Hughes.

After Serra defeated Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69 to win the welterweight belt, Hughes called Serra’s win a fluke, and off went the start to the feud.

They coached opposite each other on season six of The Ultimate Fighter, and squared off against each at UFC 98 with Hughes winning by unanimous decision.

No one really remembers the fight, as it was more remembered for the trash talk that ensued, with Serra at the forefront of it all.