An event that was sent to spark the covered cockpit debate saw Button barely avoid being struck by a train cover.

Formula 1 is no stranger to miss-haps and unfortunate events and this morning’s free practice was no different. (Although it seems the whole day has been VSC after VSC after yellow flag)

However, in the case of Jenson Button, it was a pesky drain cover that almost ended his stint after Nico Rosberg’s car produced so much down force it managed to pull a cover out of the ground and send it hurtling towards Jenson button who was following closely behind.

As you can see in the video, it could have very easily hit Button, should he had not of seen it or if it had flown a different path. More over, just look at the incredible force it hits the car, with both items travelling at incredible speeds, its no wonder it rocks the suspension so much. It begs the question how serious it may have been if it had hit Button, thankfully, we won’t know.

Fans are reminded to think back to when Felipe Massa was struck by a stray spring, knocking him unconscious and sending him full speed into a tire barrier.

Many people speculated this event would re-spark the 2017 halo debate and it somewhat did, however, it prompted more of a response from the FIA and fans in regards to helmet visors which get kicked up into the cars and cause major break failures.