“I have to hang up my gloves for a little bit” is what GSP uttered to Joe Rogan in his post fight interview, following his controversial split decision victory over Johny Hendricks. St-Pierre has since cited Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as the main reason for his sabbatical, but he also maintains that there is an issue in regards to fighter’s using performance enhancing drugs which also attributed to his leave.

There are also other factors involved in the decision. For one, St-Pierre has made a boatload of money.Dana White has referred to GSP as the “Pay Per View King,” due to the fact that his fights generate more buys than anyone else in the company. Another factor is that at even though he’s only 32, St-Pierre simply has nothing left to accomplish in the sport. People love to rebuttal by saying: “Yeah, but he doesn’t finish fights.” That is true, but it is also essential to consider what he has accomplished. He has the most wins in UFC history (19), and most of those wins have come against number one contenders. He has the most successful title defences in the Welterweight division, as well as the most consecutive title defences. There was also a six fight span from 2007 to 2010 where he did not lose a single round.

Right now it’s unknown if St Pierre will ever return. But recently there has been a positive movement in terms of eliminating performance enhancement drugs from the sport. Last week, the athletic commissions completely banned testosterone replacement therapy. St-Pierre was absolutely thrilled saying: “It should have been done a long time ago. There’s no other sport that accepts it. It’s a joke.” If the athletic commissions keep taking proper steps in eliminating PED’s, perhaps we will see GSP back in the octagon some day. In the meantime, lets take a look at this top 10 UFC moments!

10. GSP Vs. Matt Hughes 3, UFC 79. ($210,000, Includes $50,000 Submission Bonus)

Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes had met two times at this point and were deadlocked at a win a piece. This fight had different circumstances because they were not originally scheduled to meet. Hughes was scheduled to battle Matt Serra for the Welterweight Championship but a month before the fight, Serra was forced out due to a back injury. St-Pierre stepped in for Serra, making it GSP vs. Hughes 3 for the interim title. In a way this match-up was more exciting because it was capping off a trilogy and many still thought St-Pierre and Hughes were the #1 and #2 Welterweights as Serra’s title win was (and still is) deemed the biggest upset of all time. GSP ended the trilogy with authority, battering Hughes and finishing the fight via arm bar.

9. GSP Vs. Frank Trigg, UFC 54 ($28,000)

Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg had a real knack for getting under people’s skin. He was an extremely talented fighter but would always come up short in big fights. He was at a precarious point in his career because he could beat most top 10 guys, but would probably never receive another title shot because he had been finished twice by champion Matt Hughes. In the lead up to this fight, Trigg referred to St-Pierre as a “B level fighter” and implied that it would be an easy win. As soon as the fight started, St Pierre was seeing red and swarmed a helpless Trigg, ultimately ending the fight via rear naked choke.

8. GSP Vs. BJ Penn 1, UFC 58 ($48,000)

This was an extremely gruesome fight that ended in a split decision, and many to this day still think Penn should have gotten the nod. At this point, nobody denied St-Pierre‘s talent but people were questioning his mental toughness and wondered how he would react to adversity. Penn had him hurt badly in the first round and there was also an accidental eye poke that had St-Pierre seeing double. He had to persevere and keep telling himself: “don’t give up” as you can see in the interview from the hospital. He rallied back to win the last two rounds, and booked a rematch with Matt Hughes for the Championship in the process. Side note: You have to be tough (and teetering on crazy) to agree to do an interview from a hospital bed.