3. Bobby Allison

3. Bobby Allison

Bobby Allison had a lot of success in NASCAR.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t an underdog.

Allison and his brother Donnie were two of the original underdogs in NASCAR before the sport started to take off.

Allison had success in racing before NASCAR.  He won races in Alabama and, with his brother Donnie and their friend Red Farmer, set up a shop and called themselves the Alabama Gang.

Eventually, Bobby entered NASCAR but was one driver who built his own cars.  Unlike the bigger names of the Pettys, for example, Allison didn’t have a big budget but still managed to beat the top drivers in the sport from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Bobby Allison: A Racer’s Racer

It took Allison a while before he managed to win his first and only title in 1983, but before that he was always a title contender.

He was the underdog throughout the 1970s and ’80s, finishing the season several times in second place behind Darrell Waltrip.

In 1989, Allison was involved in a bad wreck at Pocono that caused massive head injuries and put him into early retirement.

The tragedy wasn’t over for Allison as he ended up losing his two sons Clifford and Davey in 1992 and ’93.

Bobby Allison has overcome a lot in his NASCAR career, and it has made him one of the best drivers to enter the sport.  He was a true underdog who persevered through extremely difficult times.

Allison’s entire racing career has been one big underdog story, which is why he is such a fan favorite to this day.