4. Benny Parsons

4. Benny Parsons

Benny Parsons was given a shot to race for Ford Motor Co. back in August of 1964.  Parsons and Cale Yarborough were the two drivers in which Ford hoped to turn into NASCAR all-stars.

Parsons didn’t impress in his debut, but Yarborough ran with the leaders and impressed Ford Motor Co.
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Yarborough earned himself a NASCAR ride within the year, while Parsons had to go back to short track racing.

Another opportunity came for Parsons in 1969, and eventually he got his shot when he filled in for an injured Buddy Young in 1970.

Parsons impressed when he filled in for Young, and by the end of the year L.G. DeWitt, who hired Parsons, decided to keep him on the payroll.

In 1973 Benny managed to win the Winston Cup championship, but it was far from an easy task.  The DeWitt team had no sponsorship in 1973 and only had three cars to use for the entire season.

Regardless of those two major setbacks, Parsons took advantage of the points system that year, which awarded points for each lap completed along with overall finishing position.  He managed to complete 9,311 laps out of a possible 10,258 for the season.

During the last race of the season, Parsons’ car suffered a lot of damage, and drivers from other teams rallied to help put his car back together.

By the end of the last race, he would win the championship by 67.15 points over rival Cale Yarborough.

Benny Parson was a true underdog and proved his perseverance in by winning the championship in a year where it seemed almost impossible.