There have been a lot of underdogs to come and go throughout NASCAR’s history.

5. Brad Keselowski

5. Brad Keselowski

The 2012 season had been a great underdog story for Brad Keselowski.

It started back in the beginning of the year, when Kurt Busch and Penske Racing decided to part ways.  All of a sudden, Keselowski became the main man for Penske Racing, something that is no easy responsibility to shoulder.

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Still, Keselowski proved throughout the year that he could handle being the main driver at Penske.

Keselowski seemed like a clear underdog entering The Chase.  How would he handle racing for the championship against names like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart?

Keselowski proved to be a force in The Chase, and not only did he win two races early on, but he also managed to finish better than his average on the first nine Chase tracks.

His underdog story has been one of the best in NASCAR history.