MLB history is full of great rivalries, but which match-ups will be the most exciting during the 2016 season?

Baseball is great on its own, but it gets taken to another level when rivals face off. Every fanbase has teams and players that it dislikes just a little more than everyone else. When those players come to town you can feel it in the atmosphere at the ballpark. There’s more than wins and losses on the line in these match-ups. Pride and bragging rights are treasured possessions, and these commodities will be competed for in numerous stadiums around the league this season.

Some rivalries are naturally formed from divisional play. Others can be created by incidents on and off the field. Occasionally these two factors will come together, and it results in great drama for the fans. Rivalries make the players play a little bit harder, and they make the fans cheer a little bit louder.

So which rivalries are MLB’s best in 2016? Admittedly, this list gives more weight to recent events over historical importance. What follows are the games and match-ups that could have the most on the line in MLB this season. If you’re looking for action, look no further than these five rivalries.