We take a look at how the arenas stack up against each other, from 29 to 1.

There are 29 NBA arenas for 30 NBA teams, and each one has its own signatures and trademarks. Often times this is a reflection of the region that it comes from, and the people who occupy that region. In this great American (and Canadian) melting pot, shouldn’t we judge the arenas based on their own merits, examining how they function within their cities and cultures, and not pit them against each other?

Screw that. We’re going to rank them.

We’ll be taking a look at three elements:

  1. The Name: Don’t underestimate the power of the arena’s name. How do the words roll off of the tongue? Who owns the naming rights? Is it memorable? Can you create a good nickname for the arena? I’ll be giving a 0-10 ranking for this.
  2. The Aesthetics: It’s important just how pretty an arena is, particularly if you go to see a game live. The court design plays a major factor, and so does the visibility, the stadium lighting and the general color scheme.
  3. The Experience: The most important factor, you have to take a look at how enjoyable witnessing a game at this arena can be. This includes the stadium location (both in accessibility and interest for the surrounding area), the intensity of the fans, the comfort of the seating and the food.

Of course, I may change the rankings around at my own discretion just as I choose; there is no exact science here. I do bring a strong amount of confidence to the ranking of number 29 of 29, and so without further ado we begin on the West Coast.

#29 – Sleep Train Arena – Sacramento Kings

The Name: Sleep Train makes mattresses. I thought there would be no overlap between the desire to sponsor an NBA arena and the desire to name your company Sleep Train. So many elements of this organization are a total joke, and it’s apt that the name of their stadium would be both baffling and depressing. 0/10

The Aesthetics: This is a wonderful arena if you hope to be bombarded with advertisement. Next time you look up to the center of the ceiling to see the video scoreboard, remember through all of those advertisements that, to the Kings, you are more than a fan. You are a consumer. The purple-infused court design itself is average and not too distracting.

The Experience: Getting there is difficult, as the arena is in the middle of nowhere away from any real civilization. Being there is difficult, as the seats are uncomfortable and the place smells like old food. The arena is notoriously cramped and uncomfortable, and so there is really no motivation to watch a sporting event here.

Overview: There is almost nothing positive to say about this arena; Kings fans deserve better than the incompetence they deal with all the time.