The former West Ham great says the Gunners would have been a shoe-in for the title had Wenger bought in a star striker last summer.

That’s the damning prediction from ex-Premier League and England striker Dean Ashton.

As it is Wenger’s men are currently slumped 11 points off league-leaders Leicester and will seemingly miss out on league glory yet again.

Ahead of Arsenal’s trip to West Ham this weekend, Ashton told 888sport: “We’ve all been saying it for years now but Arsene Wenger it seems is determined to do it his way and he’s not going to answer to anyone.

“He’s got himself into that position due to his track record at Arsenal but without a doubt they would be better off with a top class striker.

“If you put Aguero into that team you can’t see how they wouldn’t have won the Premier League this year. Ozil said similar and to be honest it does ring true.

“They’ve missed their chance. I don’t think they will catch Leicester now with the form they’re in and in any other season if City or Chelsea were up there Wenger would have got away with it.

“But if Leicester win the league the spotlight will be on Arsene.”

Ashton also claims that Arsenal must sign a striker of the calibre of Gonzalo Higuain or Edinson Cavani but reckons Wenger will probably snub such a deal yet again this summer.

He added: “I’d say yes but you literally don’t know with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

“He could be linked with all these names again and nothing will happen then he’ll say he’s keeping Welbeck, Giroud and with Iwobi coming through now he’ll say that’s enough.

“I personally think they do need to go out and get a Higuain or a Cavani type of player who can really take them on to the next level.”




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