After Singapore , Canada and Monaco , this year Azerbaijan got the chance to hold a race in Formula 1 where the drivers will pass through the makeshift urban trail . In the past 66 years has been active fastest circus in the world , fans witnessed several events that rode through the city streets, of which the most popular were the Monaco circuit in Monte Carlo and the night race in Singapore.


Hermann Tilke , who is the main architect of the city track race in the capital of Azerbaijan claims that the track in Baku will be the fastest track in F1 .

” Baku will be the fastest race in the world . There have been no race like the one in Baku. It will be one of the most exciting races in Formula 1 this year. It can not be compared with some traditional paths, but because of the history of the city believe it will be unique and interesting to follow. It is difficult to build a track in the heart of the city, but I think we managed to solve any problem we stood in the way “ – explains Tilke.

So far , it is estimated that one round will be approximately one minute and 41 seconds . The track in Baku which was under preparation in 2014, will make its debut on June 19 .